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Wonderful Indonesia: East Java might be the least populated area in Java island, but its charm and unique terrain will captivate …



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  • Indonesia.Travel 5 years ago

    Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

  • Indonesia.Travel 5 years ago

    Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

  • Indonesia.Travel 5 years ago

    Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

  • IndonesianPride1 5 years ago

    Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

  • Shiska Khoyum Andreana 5 years ago
  • Indonesia.Travel 5 years ago

    East Java, Indonesia 

  • Mega Risqi Utami 5 years ago

    Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

  • Ekalia S 5 years ago

    Indonesia, beautiful country

  • Noel Leeder 5 years ago

    Great snapshot but, sadly, definition becomes quite hopeless from 1;50

  • dhanzpucil 5 years ago

    my parents’ hometown :)

  • nur ali 5 years ago

    Let’explore east java, there are many beautiful place that u must explore

  • Nagi Ponnaganti 5 years ago


  • Tantri I. Sihombing 5 years ago

    Yes, i’ll come again…

  • Novita Gunawan 5 years ago

    One that I often heard about East Java, lot of local culinary choices that
    really delicious. But thanks to this video, which opened my eyes, tell me
    there are many other things about East Java that tease me. Who doesn’t know
    East Java that full of history, until the remarkable hero monument built
    there. And also the colorful culture, its become richer because an easier
    access to Madura Island already finished. East Java isn’t complete if I
    didn’t mention Mount Bromo, right? For sure, East Java is a complete
    package to explore.

  • Dedhi wicaksono 5 years ago


  • IDRIS NOVANDI 5 years ago

    east java yang mempesona

  • kamli munandar 5 years ago

    wonderful indonesia

  • kucing berak 5 years ago

    East Java Indonesia

  • Windya Eki 5 years ago

    Watch this and you will be proud. Available only in Indonesia :)

  • susi maryati 5 years ago

    yuk mari travellig jawa timur

  • Dicka arfianto 5 years ago

    east java has a wonderful destination… that’s in Indonesia and i very
    love and proud it 🙂

  • susi maryati 5 years ago

    tidak perna puas untuk jelajahin jawa timur

  • sachndatravels 5 years ago

    Keindahan alam + etnis yang beragam = Jawa Timur !

  • Rifa Sanjaya 5 years ago

    Jawa Timur, komplit dan menarik selain pemandangan alam, wisata kuliner,
    ragam adat dan budaya smua terangkum di provinsi paling timur pulau jawa
    ini, mantap!!!

  • Wahyu Ramadhan 5 years ago

    Ayo di like terus videonya biar booming