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Part 2:…
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  • Thx for going to myanamr

  • NordicNicklas Denmark 5 years ago

    we call the game with the 4 color ”Ludo” in Denmark ^-^

  • fishycomics 5 years ago

    enjoyed the evening time part. thanks for the share.

  • Thet Naing Tun 5 years ago

    Guys, don’t forget to try these food should you visit there next time.

  • Moonrider 5 years ago

    Great to hear you two are well .)

  • Mark Forgea 5 years ago

    Watched it twice…well-edited and fun as well as interesting. Thank you!

  • OROCHIMARU UWABAMI 5 years ago

    Sandals and socks Eric?! GHASTLY!!!! :p

    Loved it!!! Cant wait for part 2!!!!

  • mahadragon 5 years ago

    Hey Eric, you and Kyde should go to Cambodia. They aren’t as primitive as
    Myanmar, but a lot of the stuff I saw there looked very similar.
    Particularly the boat ride. In Cambodia, the Tonle Sap is a fresh water
    lake. I didn’t hear if the water there was fresh or salt. They also have
    the exotic fruits in Cambodia as well, and lassi, but I don’t think they
    have Ferris wheels, human powered or electric. 

  • IrishLincoln 5 years ago

    Thanks guys! I think we’ve all been waiting for this video with strong
    anticipation. Can’t wait for part 2. 

  • Ultros Tako 5 years ago

    😀 Lol! Excellent footage, felt like we were in the ferris wheel with you!

  • cocotiger77 5 years ago

    You guys rock!

  • tnductai 5 years ago

    great vid guys!

  • ブラッド 5 years ago

    “My elbow hit the tree”
    Great video, look forward to the rest of them!

  • Samuel Rowan 5 years ago

    You guys are so cool!

  • Leon Fong 5 years ago

    two billionaires in Mynarmar

  • Bro LaVlog 5 years ago

    Wow that Ferris wheel is insane!! I’ve seen some crazy shit in the
    Philippines but damn, they do those things wearing skirts? I am terrified
    with heights so I think I will wet myself if i rode that.

    Did you and Kyde went to the sky tree in tokyo yet? or that big ass ferris
    wheel in Yokohama. I went to both a month ago and I almost shit my pants.
    for some reason I was more scared with the ferris wheel in yokohama than
    the skytree

  • Bob James 5 years ago

    33:49 “It’s like a MAZE in here” … smashcut to … 33:54 “this is


  • lisa long 5 years ago

    Great video guys looking forward to seeing some more. Omg the wheel near
    the end couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing madness! !! I would have
    been so scared what a brave pair you are ha

  • Hikorichan 5 years ago

    woohoo! Finally it comes!
    That was a pretty crazy ferris wheel. I think I would have had to try it as

  • Uranust 5 years ago

    Nice, part 1 loved it, can’t wait for part 2 =)

  • George Pop 5 years ago

    The ferris wheel looks like so much fun, especially for the people on the
    outside of it making it spin!!! Awesome video as usual!

  • Scrub1987 5 years ago

    i like it when you give both farenheit and celcius when mentioning the
    temperature 🙂
    awesome video!

  • Nga Reh 5 years ago

    I hope both of your have to run out fast.

  • ice turbo 5 years ago


  • John Cheney 5 years ago

    Heading to Myanmar tomorrow for two weeks. Enjoyed the video and got us
    more excited – except my wife is having second thoughts with the bathroom