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Winter in Myanmar (Burma) | Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 (Part 5 of 7)

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  • Kyde and Eric 4 years ago

    Hey everyone, here’s Part 5 of our Myanmar trip! Enjoy!

  • J.London 4 years ago

    I have been watching your videos non-stop, you guys remind me of my friend
    and I and the way we travel! I have got to find a significant other who can
    keep up! Lol but do you guys have somewhere I can donate to your travels?
    Like a PO box or something? have an older GoPro with mounts and stuff I
    want to give you guys so you can just mount it anywhere as you move along!
    If you guys want it, it’s all yours :)

  • Kendra Lou 4 years ago

    🙁 for Eric getting sick.. it is kind of refreshing to see the generosity
    and caring from the people in most of your Myanmar videos though.. You
    don’t see much of that anymore.

  • Ultros Tako 4 years ago

    Props to you Eric for making an attempt to get out while in that
    condition. I would have stayed in bed the whole time. Bagan looks very
    cool! , Especially at night.

  • thedesertmisfit 4 years ago

    Don’t know why a room tour is so important…but it is, damn it, it is.

  • MrThrashing10001 4 years ago

    tom yam yummy!!!!

  • Soe Wai Yan Linn 4 years ago

    Hey Kyde and Eric, those bird-like ships u saw in Maikhtila and the lake in
    Yangon are royal boats used by kings and royal family in the past. Dun
    think those you saw are real ones but there are probably high class
    restaurants in those boats. Just FYI.:)

  • Jason Bucata 4 years ago

    @ 8:54 Did you play your own footage backward to retrace your steps? ^_^

  • Light Destroyer 4 years ago

    Nice videos keep it up

  • Bent Pin 4 years ago

    You know all those times you ran out of gas and the locals helped you out
    with the 1 drinking bottle of petrol. How come you never just filled your
    bike up all the way to the max especially every time you found yourself in

  • Dawn mdy 4 years ago

    The bad ass buddha scene at 30 min is a depiction of the night before
    buddha attained enlightment… the devil was attacking buddha with his army
    and asking him to give up his attempt to become a religious leader… but
    the earth goddess appeared and unraveled the water in her hair to wash away
    all the bad ass.

  • Ye Thu Htun 4 years ago

    Hello Kyde….. The ladies in the market were saying “hello little sister”
    to you. And they also said that you were very beautiful.


  • Jason Bucata 4 years ago

    Maybe an idea for next time you need to go banana shopping in the wild…
    you had some bananas left in the room (from Eric’s sickbed footage), so eat
    one and take the peel with you to show to people.

  • IrishLincoln 4 years ago

    Yeah, sensitive to….. food poisoning. Seriously glad you’re okay Eric.
    Sorry you had to go through that. 

  • gemfincl 4 years ago

    Poor guy, hate to see you sick like that Eric. The people of Myanmar sound

  • Ledzz Go 4 years ago

    Great to get the lowdown on Myanmar for possible future reference – the
    hotel prices are a real bummer though – that’s gotta drop to maximum 10
    dollars for me to show up – ahhhhh, stingy traveler, that’s me…….sorry
    Myanmar…..looking forward to the next vid…….:-)

  • ikaruseijin01 4 years ago

    The videos are always great, I just wish you weren’t sick for some of the
    trip… but hey, it’s all in the past now. Thanks for posting it.

  • XProduction93 4 years ago

    whats the intro song called?

  • Aerodyll 4 years ago

    Is sugar a thing for spicy food? Never heard of that before.

  • compu nuts 4 years ago

    It’s pronounced Mate-Htee-Lar. 😀 . Nice videos and enjoyed immensely.

    Sadly food poisoning is quiet common in MM due to that unclean water. It
    just gets into food chain and the virus didn’t get cooked up. People from
    developed world aren’t so much resistant to those viruses as much as people
    living among them; including those living aboard from Myanmar.

    @ 26:29 – Tattooing is also common practice especially in old-time places
    like Bagan and Mandalay.

    @ 30.34 – The budda at ShweZiGon depict this part of Buddha’s life.

    Thanks and greetings from Eric’s childhood bay area.

  • Tim Tomakin 4 years ago

    Damn, I can’t imagine getting sick like that in a foreign country. Both of
    you took that shit head on and handled it like straight up gangstas though.
    I probably would have left as soon as I was well enough to fly home lol

  • George Swar 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to see the part 6. A lot of my friends following you guys now.

  • Daniel McGregor 4 years ago

    I do find it quite impressive that you guys still try foreign cuisine
    despite getting ill every now and again. 🙂

    Those Bananas cost how much? =)))
    The world could learn a lesson from this ;D

    Awesome country :)

  • Comet Enos 4 years ago

    New sub here! Whats the name of that song in the background while you were
    leaving Attila (not sure if i spelled it right)

  • Francisco Araújo 4 years ago

    Quite interesting to see once again how genuinely kind people are in
    Myanmar. Another interesting thing is that by filming what you are eating,
    it serves as a defense mechanism in case of food poisoning. Good thinking !
    And I’m glad to see Eric improved enough to ride the bike, but I think,
    from what I saw in Twitter, the worst is yet to come. Glad to see Eric
    turned out fine, like always.