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Winter in Myanmar (Burma) | Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 (Part 4)

Part 3:…
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  • George Pop 5 years ago

    Awesome video, I think the chicken feet snack were named like that because
    of their shape not because of their contents. 

  • fishycomics 5 years ago

    What Pot luck! happens to you frequently.

  • Aerodyll01 5 years ago

    Do you guys take any precautions when you go out exploring to avoid getting
    lost or for safety or security? (By security I mean cash for emergencies or

  • NordicNicklas Denmark 5 years ago

    ”India will take down any man” XD

  • Ledzz Go 5 years ago

    Awesome, amazing and riveting stuff guys…..looking forward to number

  • Ultros Tako 5 years ago

    Hey hey, you guys almost have 10 thousand subs! Your going to have to go
    out and get some drinks again! Hehe 

  • JOHN TREHARNE 5 years ago


  • IrishLincoln 5 years ago

    Kyde, don’t panic. I sure that was tofu sheets in your dish. It is common
    in some Chinese dishes for texture and protein additive. It confuses
    foreigners and most think it is guts.
    Eric, have you ever thought you might have food sensitivities and it wasn’t
    food poisoning? I am terribly sensitive to added MSG, and I always vomit or
    worse. It often feels like food poisoning, then after a few hours I am
    fine. Something to look into. It might have even been magnified if you were
    dehydrated, which it sounds like you were. 

  • TikiShootah 5 years ago

    What in the hell. we need a “Get Eric some closed toed shoes” drive. Cuz
    man…sandals are NOT a universal footwear. 

  • ikaruseijin01 5 years ago

    I like those island houses too. I’d totally build my own island. Square
    plot of soil around the house. I don’t know the plants there but here in
    temperate areas you can use freshly harvested willow reeds interwoven to
    make a shoreline stabilization wall. As long as they stay wet, the reeds
    will sprout, and if the right species is used, the resulting growth can be
    trimmed like hedges. So basically a living retaining wall at the waterline.

  • theman7431 5 years ago


  • Bro LaVlog 5 years ago

    Eric, just a little tip with eating food on one of your adventures, my mom
    taught me this and it is somewhat superstitious, I am an athiest and there
    is no science/reasoning behind it but it works! I know I sound like a
    hypocrite from saying that lol.

    but basically, before you eat something, pour some of whatever it is you
    are drinking with the meal on your finger, and rub it on your belly. My mom
    believes it will strengthen your stomachs. I know it sounds stupid, but
    what’s the downside of trying it right? 

  • Kyde and Eric 5 years ago

    Our adventures in Myanmar continue!! Watch and enjoy!

  • Blacky Poole 5 years ago

    Katie, I dont know you now know the flat flake on the plate of your dinner
    is ‘dried bean cut flake’.. Actually it is originate from china…The rice
    and chicken and vegetables.

  • jesse trujillo 5 years ago

    part 5!?!?

  • emakin theta 5 years ago

    whatever company makes the chicken leg flavor crisps and decided to put the
    picture of a real chicken foot on the packet to match the chicken foot
    shaped puffs …… AWESOME !!! hahaha . Great videos guys :)

  • konichiwa50 5 years ago

    Hi Kyde and Eric,
    are you guys going to the Tokyo You Tube Hanami 2014????
    AAAAAAH missing Japan!!!!!!!

  • Haidy Elshater 5 years ago

    Thank you Kide for the webside it is really informative .
    I just want to know If 245000 yen will be enough money to live in Japan?

  • rasanga perera 5 years ago

    and thanks for the sharing your trips on YT

  • tun tun 5 years ago

    Thanks for visiting around in Myanmar(Burma)and upload in youtube.If you
    have some buck,you can around Burma,no need to worry.Inn lay lake is the
    amazing floating village and people are row by legs and you can not see
    anywhere in the world,but no one notice that.You left to visit to
    Taunggyi,there is a fabulous height mountain view.enjoy and welcome forever
    from Myanmar/Burma… Good Luck

  • Stephan Smolka 5 years ago

    Real chicken feet are supposed to be good for you. They contain some
    nutrient that is normally missing in the western diet. But a chicken feet
    shaped snack is just kind of kooky. LOL.

  • puppetguy02885 5 years ago

    Tarmac, Matilda, BIG chunk of lake, sunrise (a bit foggy) and beautiful
    sunsets, priceless!

  • allthingDS 5 years ago

    @ 50:11 that’s tofu skin/sheet. They come in rolls. Did you miss out on
    Shan Tofu Liquid aka Tohu Nuway. 

  • may myat Aung 5 years ago

    those are tofu sheets their texture is amazing but it doesn’t really have
    much taste 🙂 usually used in chinese dishes! I love them.

  • StudioSambodia 5 years ago

    /what’s the name of the sog you always play in your videos. it’s pretty