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  • Rook3v 5 years ago

    They failed to mention that Sony’s VR system doesn’t fill peripheral vision
    and looks like you’re watching a screen.
    Ideal for 3D movies, less so for games.

  • darklight4242 5 years ago

    is it ok for the eyes? i mean if you are looking at stuff that is very
    close to your head it is not good for your eyes from what i’ve heared

  • LanttuLoL 5 years ago

    Smart Jews working at Google are smart =]

  • 00iiRaokanii00 5 years ago


  • iyke johnpaul 5 years ago

    is it just me, each time I watch bbc YouTube news, I get this slow deep
    audio yet the video streams normal

  • 666darkwisdom 5 years ago

    just go straight to nanobots and implants combo

  • Aries2012100 5 years ago

    goggles on your face feeding you information and visuals is MORE social
    than a phone that you have to go to the effort to retrieve? best you
    rethink your entire strategy folks.

  • hiro taka 5 years ago
  • Carlos Pinto 5 years ago