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Can you imagine a hair cut for 30 cents. But this is only recommended for the brave. Check out the street barbers of India.
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  • BUGZY FANG 5 years ago

    Blah! Disease in the air and in they filthy teeth! CATZ CLAW!!!

  • SoundArtist 5 years ago

    Good host! 

  • Tiwaking Tiwaking 5 years ago

    Why are the subtitles in Portuguese?

  • Raj lucky 5 years ago

    Stupid changle

  • Raj lucky 5 years ago

    Remove my comment bitch

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    @drpoxy We’re glad you found it interesting….there are many more to come.

  • joshua lazenby 5 years ago

    But the it is going thru quite a bit of change. China has street barbers as
    well. I imagine all this is going away as the countries modernize and gain
    access to elctricity.

  • mizfrenchtwist 5 years ago

    looks great , like no nonsense grooming , taken seriously. it must be nice
    to have such easy access to such wonderful service. yep, pretty cool I must

  • TenakaKhan1981 5 years ago

    Have to be honest, I would love to visit India. Everything I’ve seen of it
    suggests such a vibrancy and communal spirit. It seems to be a wonderful

  • butthatsnotpoker 5 years ago

    It’s great until you realize it is actually cow urine they put in the spray

  • Deez Nuts 5 years ago

    Funny thing is the best barbers in the world are nobodys in 3rd world
    countries. They could be millionaires if they opened a shop here lol

  • smaviii 5 years ago

    when i was younger i went to a street ear doctor (specialist?) in India.
    That guy took out so much built up earwax i could hear better.

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    @TenakaKhan1981 hope you get to visit soon!

  • Utubepooperful 5 years ago

    lol nice

  • NoDestinyLive4Now 5 years ago

    Do women ever get haircuts at these?

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    We think it’s pretty cool, too! Thanks for watching!

  • VicariousReality7 5 years ago

    How the hell would he get AIDS from a haircut, those licenses sound like bs

  • ThePP997 5 years ago

    cool vid =)

  • takafalai 5 years ago

    Another person making an honest living

  • NoDestinyLive4Now 5 years ago

    @geobeats so where do women go? Salons?

  • Kristinn Agnarsson 5 years ago

    What do these guys charge approximately ?

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    @NoDestinyLive4Now We believe it’s rare but will let others chime in as

  • Theclaidheamhmor 5 years ago

    I don’t mean to be racist or ignorant or a bigot, but are they sanitary?

  • MrSatanica 5 years ago

    Looks lovely. I would welcome more videos of the street barbers doing their
    art with scissors and head massages and what not. (And make them long) 🙂

  • big mike 5 years ago

    it one big mexico