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Tokyo – Kyoto – Hiroshima – Iwakuni – Kumamoto Castle – Itsukushima and something about food, Shinkansen and night life. Music: No Direction Home / I Am Kloo…
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  • dregxmangler 5 years ago

    Died at 6:40

  • Talismere 5 years ago

    Are the scenes from 20:00+ in Gyoen Park in Shinjuku?

  • Y0U4R3MY817CH 5 years ago

    Where did you live in Tokyo? :)

  • dannydarko76 5 years ago

    Love your vid! So well done and got me feeling so nostalgic about my time
    in Japan.

  • WONDER KYOTO 5 years ago

    Your movie is a unique Japan introduction.
    I also am coming out of the movie.
    They are images who introduce Kyoto in Japan.
    Please come to see.

  • WELOVEJAZZ5568 5 years ago


  • tengachaya49 5 years ago

    welcome to japan

  • phiI27r 5 years ago

    this was such an awesome video! i enjoyed it from start to finish. great
    editing, music, and overall experiences. makes me want to visit japan all
    the more. 🙂

  • uzumaki thai 5 years ago

    6:40 ^^b

  • eeeeeee14 5 years ago

    Thank you for coming to Akihabara! Akihabara is one of the most exciting
    town in Japan!

  • Johnny Nunez 5 years ago

    22:15 LMAO he’s like you want me to be in your video dont you you ass xd

  • sarfee 5 years ago

    Bomba video! Super!!! 🙂

  • The Hanoi Beat 5 years ago

    That’s a really nice video!

  • TheMrsMagorium 5 years ago

    Výborná práce s kamerou a úpravou videa. Už to jen poslat do televize 🙂

  • Andr3as46Falaf3L 5 years ago

    wow love this video, great footage! i will hopefully go to japan in a few
    years, cant wait 🙂

  • supergoldtime 5 years ago

    また来てね! みんなも来てね。

  • Peter Michalčík 5 years ago

    Hezke video. Chvilema premyslim, ze by se za to nemusela stydet CT nebo Nat
    Geo. Takoveto dokumenty jsou vic opravdove, nez to co vysilaji v TV. Smekam
    a zavidim, jak se vam povedlo zachytit vasi cestu. Dekuji za zazitek a

  • WillWorksCZ 5 years ago

    Díky za komentář. Jsem rád, že se tak video líbilo :). Osobně doufám, že
    jich pár ještě zmáknu vytvořit.

  • Christian Watson 5 years ago

    what type of lens and camera did you use?

  • WingedBull6000BC 5 years ago

    It was very funny how you guys made your trip to Japan, I know Japan is a
    Beautiful country I been there and I love it, one other thing where did you
    get the meter for speed while you were in bullet train showing the speed, I
    look forward to your reply, thanks I had a good laugh.

  • owl shine 5 years ago

    TOYKO wait for me

  • G julien 5 years ago

    nice video, lots of people in Canada speaks french Julien (from Paris)

  • miida21 5 years ago

    you don’t come to japan!!! buuuuu- No good mannerrrrrrrrr crazy crazy crazy

  • atsuemisu 5 years ago

    It’s very nice video. You visited very nice places! @14:35 Did you
    understand what that lady said to you at the shop?:) She said if you win
    the game of Rock Paper Scissors (Janken in Japanese) you can get one more
    egg with the food. I hope you tried and won!:)

  • anmaya tom 5 years ago

    Good Video . Thanks.