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Traveling India: Jaipur, the Pink City. Aloha my loves! Happy Indian Independence Day! (August 15th) A little late posting the vid, been difficult finding a …
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  • Fabian Nowacki 5 years ago

    Hey, I’ve been travelling India back in October 2013 and I’m making a film
    about it too 🙂 What software did you use to create the travelling route
    animation at 0:14? I’d love to create some for my video as well.

  • Raosahab Vipulyadav 5 years ago

    when u visit to jaipur
    reply earlier as possible
    do u want to come again for a trip for india

  • How lovely you got to visit a friend there:)

  • LifestyleOfLaura 5 years ago

    I meant I’d do the same thing lol!

  • DMBcrazy68 5 years ago

    Once again, truly amazing! Thank you for sharing. The monkey on the street
    made my day…lol!

  • Melody Champion 5 years ago

    I must admit, that since Christine and Michael have been on this trip–I
    think about them at least once a day and if she doesn’t post a video for
    awhile, I start to worry a little. But then, I just say to myself, they are
    busy enjoying themselves and internet service is bad, etc. Then a new video
    comes up–and voila, everything is all good again:) LOL

  • Laurel Rose 5 years ago

    I laughed so hard at Michael being terrorized by the monkey. Monkeys are

  • cherry pie 5 years ago

    they jz wanted to take pictures with beautifull girls n handsome boys…..
    m an indian so when i go to india its jz the same 🙂 tellin my point not
    that m beautifull n all lmao

  • Rene Kumar 5 years ago

    U should go to Chandigarh its more cleaner

  • carol Oesterritter 5 years ago

    Coming home on the 9th I believe

  • NYCGeorgette 5 years ago

    great video, lady. loving it!!! xoxoxo

  • Berry Gal 5 years ago

    i miss india thxxx fr takin me back home <3

  • VanessaKrystle 5 years ago

    Oh, I see! Thanks so much for answering my question 🙂

  • Alldogs Gotoheaven 5 years ago

    I once watched a documentary on t.v about India. It was about how men are
    favored more than women. So when a woman is pregnant with a baby girl they
    sometimes end up getting an abortion. If its a male they keep it. Since a
    lot of them do this there is a higher ratio of men than women now.

  • lovelivelaugh911 5 years ago

    These vlogs make me so jealous you don’t even know

  • marisol rodriguez 5 years ago

    I feel the same way. I get anxious, like “Oh no did something bad happen?”
    And then up comes a new video and I’m like “Thank God, they’re okay.” I
    miss them like family! Continual safe travels to them both, I always pray.

  • chelsie21111 5 years ago

    lol i love it when michael said to the monkey to stay away. that was epic!

  • Dwightinho56 5 years ago

    I can almost smell it!

  • Kim Cataldo 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Natali Smith 5 years ago

    Love your videos. Thanks for taking me on vacation with you. 🙂

  • Lori Smith 5 years ago

    Christine I just love all your videos. You & Michael are the sweetest
    couple ever. I am a makeup fanatic also I don’t mean to sound nosey here
    but what allows you to privilege & affordability to travel the world? Just
    curious and so envious. Love you both <3

  • Monique Vee 5 years ago

    What to bring along, and what NOT to bring or absolutely not to forget.

  • Paula Funnell 5 years ago

    I don’t normally watch this kind of vid, but this has fascinated me!

  • Deb Sims 5 years ago

    I have loved watching your videos. You are so pretty. Please be safe. I’d
    almost think you might wear a hat to cover your pretty hair. Our realtor
    took her husband somewhere in India. She is from there. They didn’t go out
    much because she was afraid that he would get kidnapped. I’ve never heard
    of that happening to a man.

  • David Wong 5 years ago

    Been spending hours watching u vblog