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Check out my travel video from Turkey! Check out my travel video from Germany! I was fortunate enough to travel to Spain and visit Madrid,…



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  • Josh Cowan 4 years ago

    Sevilla looks so nice!Check out my Spain Film if you have a minute :)

  • GMS Real Jews 4 years ago

    The Moors was conquered and sent to America as slaves- The first slave
    ships to hit America was from spain and portugal. More black history
    hidden- its a shame many people dont like to admit that blacks who had a
    Islamic faith ruled most of europe. Beethoven was a moor- mixedrace in
    todays terms. Great video thanks

  • carlosguti1989 4 years ago

    great video!! but actually all these people in granada were celebrating the
    promotion of the granada’s football team to the first division he he he
    (not just a single match)

  • albert odillon 4 years ago

    I like Spain, I have been many times there

  • Seville Photo Tour 4 years ago

    Spain has a really nice cities and I glad to work and live in Seville. I
    hope you enjoyed your trip

  • Clyzel Per 4 years ago

    Are you a Filipina?

  • Nour Samara 4 years ago

    olé espana!!

  • Daan Van der Wens 4 years ago

    +ThePaTxX uhm no. soy hollandes. Y hablo solo un poco de español. Perdone
    por mi errores, es por que no soy español pero, me gusta español mas que
    hollanda, que América que el mundo. Y tu? Tu gustas españa mas que el
    mundo? Asi no.. por que no te callas?
    Viva españa y asta la próxima.

  • Michael Dones 4 years ago

    Im American im 14 and i know a lot i will love to go to España Viva Madrid
    and Barcelona

  • dahotone106 4 years ago

    I lived in Madrid for one month. I miss it so much…

  • camille yui 4 years ago

    hahhahahhahahha you ignorant bitches

  • Crisistotal1 4 years ago


  • camille yui 4 years ago

    This is actually funny…. a bunch of ignorant people trying to spell….
    Oh well, I have better things to do though. Rest in STUPIDITY

  • VIBEO VI BIOS 4 years ago

    Besides in some scenes the camera looking like a horror film in paradise,
    this was a nice video. I hope you make some more in Spain in the near
    Keep up the good work.

  • Rongan Li 4 years ago

    nice video, I admire you, I always dream of traveling to Europe, but don’t
    have a chance, this is a good “chance” for me

  • thebigexegete 4 years ago

    who had the camera? going dizzy!

  • pembela kebenaran 4 years ago

    try traveling in bali, amazing

  • Catherine Green 4 years ago

    hey! I am in high school right now and i heard you say exchange student in
    your video!?! i am really want to become one in Spain and have been waiting
    to hear feed back from someone with past experience! i would love to talk
    to you about it! Also maybe what program you used to become one too? oh and
    by the way i love your videos and your so pretty!!

  • edwin1697 4 years ago

    Dumb American little bitch 

  • fredispain 4 years ago

    Cool vid! I usually get very upset by the fact that most tourists think of
    spain as just a party destination so its actually really nice to see
    foreigners enjoying our culture so much, although ill have to agree with
    some of the comments pointing out that madrid has much more to offer! You
    never have enough time when travelling, I suppose. 

  • Daniel Pinheiro Soares 4 years ago

    Good times in Spain !

  • ombra306 4 years ago


  • Eddy Boh 4 years ago

    @MissMelissaLeilani You look filipina ;-)

  • Daan Van der Wens 4 years ago

    Tu aprendas que?

  • zcarenow 4 years ago

    Jamon in Granada was awesome while the seafood in Barcelona was daebak!!

  • Steve Alayon 4 years ago

    Madrid is the third largest city in Europe… but you just stop by Kapital
    and Sol. . . What about The Royal Palace, Puerta de Alcalá, Parque del
    Retiro and the Triangle Art Road (Museo del Prado, Museo de Arte Reina
    Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemizza Museum?). Plus Barcelona… ?

  • Juanma Nieto 4 years ago

    Hi everyone! It’s nice to see how much you like our country Spain. You’re
    all welcome to come and enjoy our culture, people, architecture, weather,
    food, parties, lol, So many things! Your comments make me proud of Spain,
    despite current situation.

  • Juan Carlos Martinez 4 years ago

    Jamoncito, queso blanco,un fino de jumilla con los amigos a tu lado en un
    bar. Hay algo mas grande? You really do understand why Spain is different.

  • Jeff Guira 4 years ago

    Great video!

  • MissMelissaLeilani 4 years ago

    Thank you! I love Spain as well. You are lucky you get to call it “home”
    for half of the year!

  • fallingrateofprofit 4 years ago

    Great video! Thank you.

  • Annamay !! 4 years ago

    I am going to grande 😀

  • juan saldana 4 years ago

    ill be goin this summer!! to spain when I there what places kind I visit

  • MissMelissaLeilani 4 years ago

    I just updated the bottom bar of the video with the link to my instagram!

  • esteban corral 4 years ago

    Seville in Holy Week is fantastic. I went before enlifgtenment hit the
    national consciousness. A few years later they introduced smoking laws so
    one could savor his meal. They had excellent seafood such as octopus and
    swordfish. I enjoyed walking around with particular destination sing to
    myself the songs from Carmen, Don Giovanni, The Barber of Seville. The
    crown jewel of any trip to Spain is the Alhambra.

  • TitansTheBest28 4 years ago

    Me Beautiful nation! Mas que mi vida, lo amo con todo mi corazon

  • Nainoa Kuna 4 years ago

    what’s ur instagram? i like follow.

  • luckyirish562 4 years ago

    love this, Melissa! so jealous

  • Hakuna Patata 4 years ago

    In January, it’s cold, and in May that it is spring, warmer. Espero que te
    lo estés pasando bien por España! Granada is warm

  • zcarenow 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed Sevilla and Granada the most. Real Alcazar and Alhambra
    was the most memorable to me. If you go to Prague, Czech Rep…please do a
    report on the must sees since i plan to do that possibly next year. Thanks.