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Travel to China has become much easier these days, but you know some of tips to packing light and you could save some money and still got everything you need…



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  • yosplish 5 years ago

    2:42 is KY haha

  • bintasyllah 5 years ago

    Hey, why not just transfer the contents of that gigantic perfume bottle in
    a travel-sized atomizer (.025 oz)? Don’t know if you’re in the US, but the
    ‘folding the tube over’ routine won’t work going through TSA. Every thing
    you’re showing sorta seems on the big size. But to your credit, downsizing
    is a process and people are at different stages of it so, surely someone
    got something out of it. See? I didn’t know there was 13hrs difference! I
    hope to spend a month there next August!

  • sellyoak2 5 years ago


  • sarrah8338 5 years ago

    when i go to china all i pack is goodie for my relative and some under war
    and bra for carry on. i mean i buy everything inn china and i can wear my
    cuz’s cloth

  • laurenffox1 5 years ago

    @LetsMakeUp21 well the rules were made January 2006. But the only rule they
    added this past 2009 was u can only have one checked bag as well as it
    being only 50 pounds or u have to pay for every extra baggages and every
    extra pound

  • HalfEvilGirl333 5 years ago

    thank you!

  • LetsMakeUp21 5 years ago

    @laurenffox1 well this was made 2009 so now everything changed ):
    terrorists ruin it for everyone lol x

  • laurenffox1 5 years ago

    you canNOT carry that huge tube of toothpaste they will definetly throw it
    out so i would put it in a 3oz container u can purchase at the dollar
    store. also, idk if ur purfume bottle is more than 3oz, if it is then put
    it in a 3oz bottle so they dont throw it away. other than that great tips

  • International Inc 5 years ago

    China is such an exciting place with so many great places to go and see. It
    is easy to pack light and be able to get to china and go sight seeing.