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Read Like I travel to Yangon aka Rangoon in the country of Myanmar aka Burma. I was h…



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  • Ramazan Be 5 years ago

    Myanmar people are fucking bad I hate

  • Rakhee Maharaj 5 years ago

    Thank you. You are very positive person and you went with positive attitude
    and saw all lovely part of Myanmar culture.

  • may td 5 years ago

    You have been to more places in Yangon than I have, and I am Burmese. I
    have never even seen how they make Htamane until I watched your video.
    Hahahaha.. 😛 

  • Seraph909 5 years ago

    Sweeping is like how you deal with a nuclear accident. You use a lot of

  • Aida Rohana 5 years ago

    awesome!…im goin to myanmar in nov 2013..thanks for sharing.. the music
    is nice too kyle!

  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago

    be sure to watch my Bagan video too. And you’re welcome. The music is by
    the legendary Antti Luode.

  • Bu Kant Lant 5 years ago


  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago

    stay tuned because I have a Bagan video that will be up soon.

  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago

    thanks. be sure to read my blog as well.

  • Antti Luode 5 years ago

    Love the hungry hungry hippo @ 3:54.. 😀

  • sathiya krishna 5 years ago

    You had a wonderful time when u go shwedagon pagoda and inya lake at night.
    If u have a chance to go there next time , please go shwezigone pagoda in
    Bagan at night. I went Shwezigone already that is i never forget night in
    my life .

  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago

    tell your friends

  • sathiya krishna 5 years ago

    wow…great..btw where are you come from?

  • zerny 5 years ago

    well done!

  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago

    thanks. I’m from America, but currently residing in Vietnam.

  • Binh Hoa 5 years ago

    Great stuff Kyle. You are talented and your narrations are simply

  • TIN MAN HOANG 5 years ago

    Pitch perfect video. Keep them coming, and never forget that your root is
    with Travelogues.

  • Kyle LeDotNet 5 years ago