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A look at Japan’s Railway and what we in the UK can learn from it, targeted at frontline railway staff and managers. Produced by Astor Productions www.astor….
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  • Christopher O'Rourke 4 years ago

    Japan has been running high speed bullet trains since the early to mid
    1960’s, I seen a picture of the first bullet train in Japan on the front
    page of the Sunday edition of the Philadelphia Bulletin in late June,1963
    when I lived in Ridley Park,PA just outside Philadelphia. My late father
    told me that is the future of passenger trains.

  • Jasper Van Der Blint 4 years ago

    That man presenting the video is a F***ing moron

  • Louis Farnham 4 years ago

    Second to none best train service on the planet. And I’ve been to many
    different countries.

  • Jasper Van Der Blint 4 years ago

    Excuse me, that ATTEMPT at a man is a F***ing moron.

  • づんく Dzunku 4 years ago

    “Train network” is another advantage of Japan. Different companies’ trains
    get into each others railroads for example. Major stations are not in
    terminal style so that transferring from train to train to train is very
    smooth and convenient.
    Another difference is its super busy scheduling. The busiest commuting
    trains come and leave in every three minutes. Even Shinkansen trains leave
    and arrive in every 10 minutes at Tokyo station.
    Trains are massive people movers in Japan with ten times more energy
    efficient than passenger cars. Much safer also.

  • kamal gorkhali 4 years ago

    I am from Nepal.Nepal train run 20km/3.5hrs hahah u believe me

  • Eiji Kawai 4 years ago


  • bruce dell 4 years ago

    american here. our railway is a sad excuse only allowing speeds of 40-70
    and passenger trains almost don’t exist in my city of Dallas. are roads are
    not safe. we just lost a tire today on the road.(sigh) i hope Texas starts
    that high speed rail route soon. they said they where going to use the type
    700 as well. 

  • Hardly Earnest 4 years ago

    you are going to go far!

  • HARRY Willson 4 years ago


  • halenm 4 years ago

    The first BGM is Chinese sound,not Japanese!!

  • SUPERGENKI JAPAN 4 years ago

    Yes, you’re right! “potato” – potato to some! ^_-

  • aerlingus1000 4 years ago

    Great video! I’ve been to Japan in 2006 and used their railways. They were
    excellent and I think the mobile phone idea is a very good one.

  • colliecandle 4 years ago

    It’s how PEOPLE are educated – in Japan there is a thing called RESPECT
    something which is sadly lacking in this tyrannical, dumbed down country. I
    have worked on railways both on P/W work and station staff (RO2) I have
    never been so abused by the public at large both verbally AND physically –
    even worse than coach driving ! And that is saying something. This
    commentator fails to mention cleanliness of Japans rail system plus lack of
    graffiti which says it all about BR !

  • TheOneFrankie 4 years ago

    Who said the UK was the first to launch e-Ticketing systems for railways,
    Japan and many other Asian countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea)
    are ahead in this field by far, we could use these payment types at vending
    machines, fast-food chains, conveniences stores etc… And of course there
    shouldn’t be restaurant service aboard, since it lacks service efficiency,
    and Japanese Railway journey times are by far quicker than UK trains.

  • 1995stock 4 years ago

    agreed but chiltern still has the original names and paint on the 67s

  • syh30801 4 years ago

    Chinese BGM…It’s NOT Japanese…

  • humanbeansprout 4 years ago


  • Osaka MARINE 4 years ago


  • David Midwood 4 years ago

    Excellent film. Thank you for making it. Can I just amend your information
    about using mobile phones onboard a train in Japan? You cannot use a mobile
    phone in your seat. If you want to receive or make a call you must move to
    the entryway at the end of the carriage so you don’t disturb the other
    passengers in the carriage. I learned this the hard way. Can you imagine
    that happening on a train in the West? Cheers David

  • K-700 4 years ago

    too stereotypical background music

  • F721-D201-TH7000 4 years ago


  • Juan Villalobos 4 years ago


  • CAT1554 4 years ago

    あいうえおこけくきかさしすせそとてつちたなにぬねのほへふひはまみむめもよゆやらりるれろーんをわ「?!、。 I do not know what i
    just said -_-

  • bhavyful 4 years ago

    Shame that Wrexham and Shropshire went bust!