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In part four of my video travel guide to India I travel to Darjeeling, the famed hill station known for its views and famous tea plantations. The city itself…
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  • TheExpeditioner 5 years ago

    Here’s my newest video from my India travel series: Darjeeling.

  • bizou154 5 years ago

    i go to vietnam next month, im so stressed out about taking good images of
    my trip do you film everything? are you still able to enjoy the travel?

  • Gareth Leonard 5 years ago

    So majestic! So much laundry!!

  • TheExpeditioner 5 years ago

    Thanks dude, always fun to make.

  • Ayngelina Brogan 5 years ago

    You had me at cave? I would have been walking in the other direction, hate
    small spaces!

  • Luke Armstrong 5 years ago

    Nicely done, nice to see the footage all cut and pretty.

  • TheExpeditioner 5 years ago

    Ha, come on Ayngelina, you have to be adventurous while you’re traveling
    (and to be fair, it was quite a small cave).

  • TheExpeditioner 5 years ago

    Well I don’t film everything per se, but quite a bit. I think it’s a fun
    part of my travels and makes me enjoy it more. It forces me to often slow
    down and really explore and take in a site or activity (rather than just
    quickly taking a look and moving on).

  • TheExpeditioner 5 years ago

    That’s what those buckets in Indian bathrooms are for (I hope).