Share Button presents… A handy travel guide for anyone visiting the mountainous European country of Switzerland.



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  • Happy Tylerienmam Networks 4 years ago

    i;m going there this month

  • DubstepSwitzerland 4 years ago

    half of what she says and what is written in the comments is just bullsh^t.
    i live there. 

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    Swiss people are not allowed to marry other Europeans. That’s good.

  • Rudy Fuentes 4 years ago

    perfect heaven … ♥

  • zimThuet 4 years ago

    @espana411996 Well that lies in the Eye of the Beholder, now doesn’t it? 🙂

  • kayddle 4 years ago

    Could I PM you about Switzerland? My family is Swiss too and I am American,

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    Typical reply from a wigger American. I didn’t ask you to care, you
    over-emotional little prick. I was simply stating that I am Swiss and I
    know exactly what I am talking about. You know nothing about my country,
    you fat, ignorant disgusting Yankee filth, so fuck off from this video.

  • Erik The Travel Guy 4 years ago

    Beautiful footage! Thanks for sharing.

  • TheScottgb 4 years ago

    PresidentZod im sorry Switzerland isn’t like new Pakistan like England or
    new Africa like America and I’m from bloody china

  • bustyristy 4 years ago

    im trying to plan a trip to switzerland where a good place I should go?

  • MrSwisstraveller 4 years ago

    Great video! Absolutely ideal for putting as a favorite on my channel,
    which is about traveling in Switzerland by train, bus and boat. Visitors
    are welcome there. And they might even win a free vacation in Switzerland.

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    I come from Switzerland, my parents too so I know what I’m talking about.

  • nardmanman 4 years ago

    What an inspiration in this disgustingly used up modern age

  • Abhijit Tandale 4 years ago

    switzerland is great

  • Nickelbella 4 years ago

    @AlbanianMetalHead lol show me a country where you don’t have to work at
    least from monday to friday….and how is somebody boring just because they
    work during the week?

  • Tommy Renard 4 years ago

    I love Switzerland:-)

  • Darko Tasevski 4 years ago

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    some unbelievably affordable deluxe hotels as well as plane tickets. This
    might allow you to save money on your future holiday as well

  • Dakota McCullough 4 years ago

    I thought it was Denmark

  • HASHTAGSixSeasonsAndAMovie 4 years ago

    @TheMikky02 so i take it you’re not a fan of Switzerland .

  • Crallux 4 years ago

    Beautiful land but do not live there. Greetings from switzerland.

  • turigo95 4 years ago

    no ! we are the hell 😀 muhahaha

  • Mike Renders 4 years ago

    planning on living there for a year after school

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    You wouldn’t know this, you’re a dumb fat Yank. It is extremely easy to
    travel to Switzerland, especially if you’re from another EU country. So,
    yes they have a huge amount of immigrants, black and white.

  • Muntschitschi 4 years ago

    @MegaPongy Do you still need infos about tourism-institutions?

  • wesherity 4 years ago

    I’m Chinese, I think Switzerland is a very very beautiful country, I will
    travel in Switzerland someday in future. ^_^

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    Indian filth view this video. Indian filth.

  • JohnLong 4 years ago

    @MrNaryal no, because you get shot in pakistan by taliban’s

  • Internume 4 years ago

    @TheMorrisania The “white” chocolate is raciste too, please, rename it

  • Mr271196 4 years ago


  • MrWPvideos 4 years ago

    Very nice this video. I also made a video in Europe (Switzerland). Look on
    my channel.

  • fadee butt 4 years ago


  • MomNeedsYou 4 years ago

    @Nickelbella Ha, ha-that’s true! What he said made no sense! Working Monday
    to Friday-that’s the way it is all over the world and not just Switzerland!
    What a silly comment that was!

  • juan mci 4 years ago

    Allons Allons c’est pas grave

  • King Pin 4 years ago

    Been to Frauenfled one time for 3 weeks, and had the best time ever… I’ll
    never forget it, Switzerland is sooo interesting and beautiful.. It’s like

  • bingoblond 4 years ago

    Where is that shot of the train coming out of the side of that mountain
    about 5 seconds before the end?

  • JRoca79 4 years ago

    the best country all over the world

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    Then PM me.

  • Peppepoppldoppl 4 years ago

    Eruotrash lol, learn to spell. And Americans are really like that, it’s not
    a stereotype.

  • ghouspura 4 years ago


  • shivraj007ful 4 years ago

    the real fun is in indian great himalyan i am from switzerland but i like
    indian 7 rainbows indian wildlife and grenery no terroism no pollution and
    a very happy life with indian friends india is great truly asian and massive

  • TheScottgb 4 years ago

    Switzerland- lovely friendly Eco people who couldn’t of been more against
    Nazism you idiot President Zod you should go to Zurich it’s almost 50*/*
    Jewish you idiot you have obviously never been to the beautiful alpine
    mountains which have bigger vertical exposures than most other ranges with
    deep valleys think of the rockies from base and up alpine mountains in
    Switzerland are double as tall you are a ignorant person

  • maniqra1214 4 years ago

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  • MegaPongy 4 years ago

    im planning on going to switzerland to continue my schooling there and if
    anyone could tell me what the names of the best institutions for tourism
    are and are the people nice???

  • prisonroller 4 years ago

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  • JohnLong 4 years ago

    @espana411996 no

  • Ymirthor 4 years ago

    Shut up you prat.

  • Davidsbeenhere 4 years ago

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