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This Scandinavian city is sometimes called “the Venice of the North.” continues our travel series with a look at Stockholm, Sweden. Subscribe to our new dedicated…



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  • ThickBeet 4 years ago

    I’ll live there if there’s wifi.

  • Travis Cheezum 4 years ago

    What I would do to be able to live there.

  • wadawaddah 4 years ago

    If you like roadtrips through forrest I can recommend Sweden. Especially if
    you you wanna travel South to North and wanna see the stark contrast
    between the continental european farmland and vast wildernes.

    The distance from where the forest starts and the farmland ends in Sweden
    is almost the same distance as driving through the entire amazonas jungle
    of brazil. Or through most of americas east coast.

    On top of that hunters kill 5 times as many Moose every year in Sweden than
    all Moose killed in Nort America. Lots of animals.

  • Dennis Martorana 4 years ago


  • Lego Fan 4 years ago

    I’m Norwegian, and i LOVE Sweden!

  • Roek Stoek 4 years ago

    Venience of THE north.
    The say teh say About Amsterdam 

  • WayneP117 4 years ago

    I love the USA, but if….if I had to live somewhere else, and only had one
    choice…I think it’d be Sweden ^.

  • Lelle S 4 years ago

    Travel Guide: Stockholm ,Sweden

  • Magazine today Erzsi Kövesné 4 years ago

    ami Magyarországon , nem található .- értem : (élővilág )megtalálható más
    Formában .
    Például nincsenek medvéink ,de van Medvehagymánk . Nincsen farkasunk , de
    nevünk . lásd .Pld.Farkas Izabella.Nincs lazacunk ,de itt is élnek Nagy
    halak ,hatalomra éhezett emberek .- 

  • geeta kaur 4 years ago

    vry beautiful

  • Muhanad syrian 4 years ago


  • ensync travel services 4 years ago

    Travel Guide: Stockholm, Sweden 

  • Tommie283 4 years ago

    I miss Stockholm!

  • Thaatchaphol Boonbanchong 4 years ago

    Travel Guide: Stockholm, Sweden:

  • kkg108 4 years ago

    I don’t live too far from London. Fortunately for me, I’m from a county in
    South East England called Kent, actually. I got to say Stockholm looks very
    beautiful in this video compared to London. I don’t think this video is
    deceiving on how beautiful Stockholm really is, because someone told me
    that it is an amazing city. Don’t get me wrong, London is a cool place but
    not beautiful as Stockholm. Stockholm looks less stressful and cleaner
    place to be than London. I like that, I prefer to live away from the hustle
    and bustle of London life. 

  • StockholmSam 4 years ago

    Good god, is the narrator a computer program or a real person? I could not
    imagine having a conversation with a person who spoke like that. Ugh! And
    her pronunciation of some of the areas in the city was god-awful, even when
    compared to a typical American trying to pronounce Swedish. 

  • I live here, i think its amazing.

  • Abdul Latiff Junid 4 years ago
  • Magazine today Erzsi Kövesné 4 years ago

    I do not know that I lived in Sweden .Amiért visit, do not miss it., The
    rich flora and fauna, degree, moose, salmon, bear, wolf. Is covered by
    forests, and it comes to you, the Natural. And a lot of those lakes, in
    other words, which is not found in Hungary.

  • Ginger VS Ginger 4 years ago

    the way she said gamla stan 

  • Per Ringnes 4 years ago

    me and my family are visiting stockholm each year, to watch my dad
    attending in the stockholm marathon. I LOVE STOCKHOLM

  • Vilgot Norén 4 years ago

    Iam from Sweden and its sucks :(

  • 24creeperkiller 4 years ago

    Thank you, this helped so much! I have a project tomorrow, and had to find
    places to go in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Shunon Hemligt 4 years ago

    Sweden isn’t socialist its liberal…..

  • BrazilianMaster 4 years ago

    Hey you white people from Sweden, where is my Gripen jets? I am waiting
    here to see my new jets, when you gonna send them? Where is Alexssander
    Gustafsson? when he is going to fight again? Where is Slatan Ibraimovich,
    is he sad because he is not going to play this world cup? Where is Swedish
    Mafias? When they are going to play the musics here in Brazil? Why your
    people are too much white? Do not you feel unconformable in your skin for
    being so white? How can you recognize your own kids in school? Your kids
    look like all the same kids. Why don´t you try to take some sun light in
    order to make your skin a little bit darker, that would you make you look
    like more like a normal person don`t you think? 

  • mondialisation abdelhady 4 years ago

    very nice

  • WE LOVE CARS 4 years ago

    Why didnt they show Gröna Lund?

  • NorthernUnion 4 years ago

    I come to see Stockholm (and Sweden general) for first time in august. Can
    anybody tell me, what I need to visit as tourist? Thank you in advance

  • e9000able 4 years ago

    I live there and its the perfect place on earth

  • lukas teuschel 4 years ago

    I like sweden and i live here but not in stockholm in the town were they
    are making the koenigsegg angelholm in swedish ängelholm

  • Vallu I 4 years ago

    Looks ugly!

  • Valeria Polerecka 4 years ago
  • chris lee 4 years ago

    Beautiful!!! Making plans to visit soon God willing

  • 101 Games 4 years ago

    If only I was born Swedish :(

  • Saddam Hussein 4 years ago

    0:52 That Island would be great if that dumb house were torn down and
    replaced with a Mosque. :3

  • 101 Games 4 years ago

    If only I was born Swedish :(

  • lolmaster Furberg 4 years ago

    im from sweden and its so funny when she talks about old town. its not
    called gamla stone its gamla stan