Share Button presents… A helpful travel guide for anyone planning on visiting the historical country of Jordan.
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  • Rola Juma 5 years ago

    MJweinat …> thank u 4 sharing : ) 5*****

  • tareq qudah 5 years ago

    where is ajloun castle ? guys its awesome ?????? also its in jordan

  • Eiman Jafar 5 years ago

    Beautiful! although I don’t think it covers half of what JOrdan has. I
    guess it cover the major attractions. That’s good enough

  • vegard555 5 years ago

    Why is this women talking like she is in a hurry?? Jeez….slow down a bit,
    it’s like she is reading to some who really doesn’t want to listen.

  • Davidsbeenhere 5 years ago

    Hello guys I am a world traveler and you can ask me about my traveling.
    Check out my world traveling channel. Thank you guys 🙂

  • alnubulsia 5 years ago

    damn she talks so fast

  • Strangerwords 5 years ago

    Jordan is a beautiful place and this report covered only the historical
    places. There’s plenty of other stuff to see in Jordan. Besides, why is
    this lady like reading in a hurry, it’s weird to talk this way when you are
    making a report that would encourage people to visit the place Duhhh.

  • Sami Beirouty 5 years ago

    wow thnx alot for sharing.. love u JOrdan 🙂

  • Germán Dousdebés-Chehab 5 years ago

    Lebanon, Israel and Jordan, the best countries in the Mid-East.

  • Rola Juma 5 years ago

    Beautiful!! Jordan One of the most beautiful countries in the world
    Different terrain makes it distinct and vital sites In addition to the
    historical past civilizations left beautiful and wonderful traces Yes The
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the cradle of civilization and the fountain
    of giving Great job THANKS ALOOOOOOOOOT : ) May GOD bless & protect you

  • tareq qudah 5 years ago

    where is ajloun castle ? guys its awesome ?????? also its in jordan

  • Samo Soviet 5 years ago

    Cheers 😉

  • shery83jo 5 years ago

    jordan in 2 minutes and a half… damn she’s fast,,, didn’t like her tone
    of voice ..

  • alina77ful 5 years ago