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This country’s official motto is ‘Unity in diversity.’ continues our travel series with a look at Indonesia.
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  • sholin hu 5 years ago

    I cant see tana toraja at that video? You miss it…!

  • Virgo Araaf 5 years ago

    That’s my country. 🙂

  • Bagus Syahid 5 years ago

    awesome indonesia is 4th beautiful country

  • kampungflunk675 5 years ago

    Inspector Javerts. They make my country look bad.

  • aBean2GO 5 years ago

    this is my country, for you people who wants to visit, i recommend Jogja in
    central Java, Toraja in South Celebes, Lombok and of course Bali 🙂 they
    have great culture and great tourism spot

  • Cutetish 5 years ago

    pretty cool. would love to visit.

  • weepingod 5 years ago

    Mister cari perhatian?

  • 7asonadam1997 5 years ago

    LIKE 🙂 Indonesia is awesome in nature and culture

  • khairun nijar 5 years ago

    Visit Indonesia. because Indonesia has a natural beauty and culture, among
    them: NORTH SUMATRA Lake Toba, BALI Raja Ampat west papua Bunaken’s
    northern SULAWESI NTB lombok and many other others. 😉 like

  • Leila Smith 5 years ago

    Looks so beautiful 🙂 thank you for the vid 🙂

  • goldwincs 5 years ago

    cool!! come to Indonesia everyone!

  • edhaje 5 years ago

    country with plenty of beaches… 🙂