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Travel Guide - Hungary looks at the amazing European country of Hungary and some of its most famous areas and attractions. Subscribe to our new dedicated W…



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  • wakkozDeLaShit 5 years ago

    their language may be awfull but the country is beautiful and the people
    are all very nice!!

  • asdfgerfsdadsfsd 5 years ago

    your mother is mexican

  • jharvathjr 5 years ago

    What is the most commonly served N/A beverage? Did I hear that right?

  • MsFincsi2 5 years ago

    Part III. ….the developers of nuclear engineering;; the moon and mars
    rovers; the Model T Ford; Microsoft Office; the fathers of the seat belt
    and passive safety; binary code, BASIC and computer programming; supersonic
    flight and the U.S. aerospace industry; the California wine industry; the
    U.S. light cavalry; color television; full-length motion pictures; jet
    propulsion, the automatic gearbox; the Zeppelin; and the founder of Intel
    Corporation are all Hungarian-Americans?

  • Bálint Juhász 5 years ago

    @TheSlovakfan Thanks god EU finally learned you how to speak in the
    civilised mode. Now you can watch BBC and catch a name, ‘Vona’ and come
    with that all the time… Whatever, I voted for Fidesz, you know, which is
    “half fascist” as your superb charismatic leader said, i don’t know what
    the fuck half-fascist means, but i’m just a subhuman, right? So you know
    everything better, so tell me buddy, how can we be fascist, gypsies, and
    mongols at the same time?

  • gary thompson 5 years ago

    There are very much countries? STUPID!!! What are you,,, mexican?

  • Maciek Wielki 5 years ago

    Greetings from Poland 🙂 Friends for ever! 🙂

  • Erlind255 5 years ago

    Greetings from Albania! Budapest is definitely the most beautiful city in

  • shobby911 5 years ago

    @274norbi as i can see you are hungarian who livesin UK , if ur dear
    hungary wouyld be so rich why would u go and work as a slave in UK? just

  • SZRNR3 5 years ago


  • ilikeanimating771 5 years ago

    XD i am proud of being hungarian

  • botos ica 5 years ago

    @ohorok2 Well, I understand your frustration. Being the slaves of
    Hungarians for centuries is nothing to write home about. You see, if it
    wasn’t for us, Magyars, the rest of Europe (your stupid ass too) would be
    speaking in Turkish by now. So, you better shut your sour cabbage eating
    stupid mouth, and do not disrespect your masters!

  • TheSlovakfan 5 years ago

    @MadSp3cuPL Its impossible to have some kind conversation with ignorants
    like you at all. I think you dont know the meaning of that words. You just
    copying something from internet, like real hate troll.

  • TheSlovakfan 5 years ago

    @finaltrekker Well you have no country at all you ignorant history
    manipulator. There is no such liek “hungarian” identity, face it kid. You
    are just mix of everything yround with Slavic, Turksih and gypsy blood in
    your venes. Your ehm country wannabe was created by trianon. You are not
    megyer you idiot, old huns was wiped faster than your stupid parents. But
    you need this silly myths and fairytales m you are just frustrated grp of
    ppls without any pride or history, i pity you.

  • Márk Pozsonyi 5 years ago

    First, learn English Second, no, I don’t have problems with your people (if
    you understand my first commend you will see it)

  • wakkozDeLaShit 5 years ago

    @akmen95 i didn’t understand anything :D:D:D i’m not hungarian 😀

  • TheSlovakfan 5 years ago

    @Juhi04 English-Hungarian ? well maybe cause lot hungar words are from
    slovak langauge other half from turkish. Well i need to learn Turkish and
    than i can translate to hungarian. Anyway you like regular Vona assliker
    has no right to judge others.

  • MrHunHunter 5 years ago

    @wakkozDeLaShit u right come to visit Pecs..i will learn u hungarian
    language,i will be your guide

  • TheSlovakfan 5 years ago

    @Juhi04 Orban si chauvinist pig and fascist. He licks nazi Horthys ass even
    if he is rotten. His sister party jobbik is more radical, but its same
    shit. Orban is Vona adviser and lot of ppls from Fideš are behind neonazi
    hungar guards. But for our luck and your shade, he is populist. He will
    feed you with this chauvinistic shits (trianon law, dual citizenship). He
    dont care about econimic situation in hungaristan at all.

  • SuperHardrider 5 years ago

    Válasz a videóra… becouse noone believes your pathetic lies, and we are
    talented and brave in war, while bohemia is only good in one
    thing-beermakeing. But that won’t help too much. So in your shoes I would
    burie myself in deep deep silence.

  • Csongibongi 5 years ago

    @TheSlovakfan *cough* “Count János Esterházy a member of the House of
    Esterházy was the most prominent ethnic Hungarian politician in former
    Czechoslovakia. He was the only member of the Slovakian Parliament in 1942
    who voted against expelling the Jews.” google it up lil child and if you
    need moar facts just get a history book from the UK or from any normal
    country u want, then go back to your cage and contine to smoke your weedz,

  • BladeHD 5 years ago

    i am hungarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • TheHunpower1 5 years ago

    Good video!

  • Roxána Löwinger 5 years ago

    Don’t worry! I live in Debrecen! Great town with great and friendly people!
    Debrecen is waiting for you with lots of love!!!

  • PiocaV63150 5 years ago

    Theslovakfan : What they teach you in the Slovakian school?