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Travel Guide - Beijing China presents… China is the largest country in East Asia with Beijing as its capital city. In this video clip learn all about China. Su…
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  • china shandong 5 years ago


  • yannfann 5 years ago

    I am going to visit china one of these days……great!

  • CGSteve8718 5 years ago

    As others have mentioned, Cantonese is its own dialect of the Chinese
    language. Mandarin is the national language, however. There are over
    several dozens of dialects depending on region. These regional dialects can
    be totally incomprehensible to people from other parts of the country.

  • Micah Griffin 5 years ago

    @visser608 i agree with you. I know my contry is compleatly ungrateful.

  • mukal99 5 years ago

    this is a nice little introduction video to china, but i saw very little
    beijing in here. I clicked on the video to find out more about beijing (not
    china in general), so i was disappointed with it. please change the title
    if it’s not too late to do so

  • Elly 5 years ago

    I’m Cambodian..^^ & I love China..<3 Because of the best rookie group is
    EXO-M..^^ & I love korea too..because of EXO-K..<3

  • RECKANOWHERE 5 years ago

    The Chinese have little morals. They’d do anything to make money. They’re
    suspicious of foreigners and have disgusting manners.

  • XDJ87 5 years ago

    @giranful It seems that you think of yourself master of China that you know
    each and everything about China just because you can read Chinese! But you
    don’t know that if all people in this world who can read Chinese and
    English both just spit on you for once you will be drown in their sputum,
    and the majority of them love China.

  • TheFuckengland 5 years ago

    fuck beiping

  • 溪 陈 5 years ago

    @hby1990 no beijing has its own BEIJING DIALECT….

  • fs21a6828fd232 5 years ago

    so far i only saw one tourism video from china tourism board which is
    written in Chinese for their own domestic market. .

  • saim000falcon 5 years ago

    @visser608 i am from Pakistan … and we love china and soon china will be
    super power.

  • wwffeng211 5 years ago

    14 dislike?? Crazy!!!

  • BrothaBoss 5 years ago

    @tehatemachine That’s pretty weak yo.

  • Anhmisahko 5 years ago

    china has 3 beauties 1-girls 2-nature 3-panda

  • Leding 5 years ago

    china is everything you can imagine

  • Mreleezy 5 years ago

    The Scottish uhhhhhh…im sorry i don’t even know where da hell scottish
    were living…how about wacth your mouth before you judging someone else??
    u don’t need clicked it and left a comment like this if u hate China

  • TheCreamycam 5 years ago

    Why did you put Beijing in the title when this is about China in general,
    and nothing specific about Beijing is mentioned?

  • MrSiomys 5 years ago

    Wenzhao? Uh, Is it Wenzhou? It’s in Zhejiang Province, close to Shanghai.
    As to climate and weather it might be a little better than Beijing. But I
    don’t know many foreigners there. Also Wenzhou local dialect is quite
    different from mandarin Chinese you ever learnt. You’ll find it’s another
    language. – -|| Even a chinese guy can’t even understand. So a bit more
    harder for foreigners to blend in I guess.

  • KatiushaVN4 5 years ago

    @jhayzei07 Going to China? You’d better pack enough foods and water along
    all the way from your country

  • Fara Jasmin 5 years ago


  • Luís Pedroso 5 years ago

    @Centredge Cantonese writing is the same as Mandarin, there is no proper
    writing for Cantonese, there are no differences. Therefor since Mandarin is
    the official language of PRC and Cantonese only a recognized one it’s
    considered that one is a dialect of the other. A dialect is basically a
    language without a writing system of it’s own…check dialect on Wikipedia,
    you’ll understand what I mean.

  • bbly096 5 years ago

    Rule of thumb of Travelers, “stay away from Tourists!”. lol It’s the same
    anywhere around the world. I just hate those artificial, commercialized
    tourist attractions. If you wonder why all the places you go to look better
    in postcards, that’s because they don’t have a huge crowd of people in them.

  • fs21a6828fd232 5 years ago

    because you want to promote your company name?

  • Linda Song 5 years ago

    -sigh- Stop bashing, every country has its negatives.Bashing just makes you
    seem narrow minded and arrogant. It’s still a beautiful and culturally rich
    place. I loved this place when I visited (:. I really hope to go back again.