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Young tour guide near Mandalay speakes 4 language.
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  • aungphyo wai 5 years ago


  • Krathingdaeng 5 years ago

    Hey char-teh-lay, nay-knong-lar, jeysu ware.

  • aung kyaw moe 5 years ago

    He’s a very clever boy but i’m so sorry for their poor lives 🙁

  • မင္းခ်စ္ ေဇာ္ 5 years ago

    that’s my boy ..

  • Loius Kham 5 years ago

    He must have very socially initiative & dare to talk to strangers !!

  • ffcuytuh 5 years ago

    he lol

  • chomimi tun 5 years ago

    Clever boy. you show to people what is Myanmar.

  • Evan P 5 years ago

    What a sweet kid.

  • Tin Tin Yu 5 years ago

    how cute is this child, hope he can get the suitable education, 🙂

  • novemberhoney85 5 years ago

    wow…..he is impressive boy…..i dont even know like him ;D

  • Cynthia Sengmai 5 years ago

    Amazing…… I am impressed it. Hopefully, our country will be changed
    very soon. I wish all those kids will be able to get education very soon.

  • BuddyWildlife 5 years ago

    I respect this Kid, I got beachelor degree and he is better than me ha ha ha

  • Marcuszyp 5 years ago


  • bellavista7 5 years ago

    seriously what could formal education deliver to this brlilliant kid. he is
    socially adept. has a very natural way of expressing himself completely in
    control of his communication skills. what this guy needs is opportunity to
    put his dreams into reality&action, not sitting on a bench getting top down
    useless nonsense crammed into his head.

  • yethuthu 5 years ago

    You rock dude!

  • LUCIFERFLAME 5 years ago

    wtf.. lol!! what a clever young lad.. lol

  • iIiIiIiTub3 5 years ago

    Amazing… Nice Kid… I juz want to say “WoW”

  • aungdoi 5 years ago

    omg, this kid’s wicked smart!

  • Eamonn Reilly 5 years ago

    Amarapura city, Mandalay

  • Kate Sandra 5 years ago

    wow~~~it takes my breath away…. charming boy speaking 4 languages~~~

  • thomas su 5 years ago

    i really congrats this kid.. so smart and sweet.. he learns through by
    himself.. keep hard kid.. hope u r in good health, good life and get good
    education.. wish all the best for you kid..

  • laithangca 5 years ago

    very good

  • Zaw Myo 5 years ago

    so amazing love it

  • zayarmonkey 5 years ago

    Jz crap!

  • dickspace1 5 years ago

    I have witnessd well educated multi millionaires out there who can’t even
    speak english half as fluenty as this street boy.