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Top Ten Things To Do in South America presented by Donna Salerno Travel Ecuador – Galapagos Peru – Machu Picchu Chile – Santiago, History, Wine, Volcanoes and Glaciers Argentina – Ushuaia…



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  • Evan Swanson 4 years ago

    Brasil é muito, MUITO lindo! Rio DJ e São Paulo são fantástico!
    Brazil is very, VERY pretty! Rio DJ and São Paulo are fantastic! Visit

  • oscarbarrientos86 4 years ago

    chile? jajajajajaja

  • Marcus Camili 4 years ago

    Punta del este!!!

  • Claudio Cisneros 4 years ago

    I’ll provide free housing in Necochea, Argentina (google it) for everyone
    who want it. The only thing I ask is a musical instrument as a reward. Just

  • Jules Verne 4 years ago

    Viva o Chilean-Vihnos.Long Live Chilean Wines & Vineyards. I have tasted &
    tried some Chilean Wines of”GATO Negro, Shiraz-Wines uphere in L.C.B.O.
    CANADA,Ontario Whineries & Vineyards”. I myself are a Vineyard Wine Grapes
    Producer of Wines of Southern,Ontario,CANADA Wines-Grapes Vineyards from
    May 1st to October 31st CANADA Summers of the”Golden Horsehoe”.I love
    Brava-Bravia-BRASIL Wines too! I like “Chilean-Shiraz Wines, Brasilian
    Chiraz-Suvgyenoux Wines,Burgundy Wines etc. NEVER drive after”!