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Tomamu is a resort town located in Hokkaido Japan, about 2 hours by train east of Sapporo. Tomamu was built in the 1990’s during Japan’s bubble economy and t…
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  • TheiLame 5 years ago

    I want to roll an humongous big ball too! The kid was so funny 😀 Oh and
    for the sake of animals i really hope the walkway is soundproof, otherwise
    i don’t see how any animal would come near it..

  • Yellow Productions 5 years ago

    I think the walkway was pretty noisy actually :). And I too want one of
    those balls! Soo much fun!

  • Yellow Productions 5 years ago

    Thanks Brian! Hong Kong will be the next destination coming to an armchair
    near you! 🙂

  • Brian Jester 5 years ago

    I’m truly an armchair tourist with your videos!