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[This is China] Dancing Shaanxi, China Travel Promotion 舞动陕西

This video was shot in 2008. Xi’an 西安市The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an 西安大雁塔The Ancient City Wall, Xi’an 西安古城墙The Xingqing Park, Xi’an 西安兴庆公园Shaanxi Prov…
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  • kenmatin 5 years ago

    wau, I’ve never thought China is so clear

  • xiaosummer86 5 years ago

    @mlsprovideos yes!! US just little baby!!!!

  • Will be heading there in June to do some volunteer work right outside the
    city. I’m even more excited now.

  • Michel V 5 years ago

    Starting next year as a student in Chinese Language and Literature! Can’t

  • lu yan 5 years ago

    Wow! 变化太大了。如果来个before and after, 就更好了。80% of the buildings in the video was
    not there when I lived in Xi’an 20 years ago.

  • xiaosummer86 5 years ago

    I am from Xi’an , it is so beatiful!!! I love my hometown!

  • jean-claude schwartz 5 years ago

    00:23 that music is from the Mummy returns by Alan Silvestri

  • bo kibo 5 years ago

    影片製作用心 成本浩大 美不勝收

  • Feiniaozy 5 years ago

    @Influenceboteatshit I don’t bother to despise you at first place, because
    as a lowlife you are not qualified. But Xi’an is my hometown, so I would
    degrade myself once to give you a comment: the more you curse, that means
    the more you care. You spent all the time talking about china, don’t you
    feel pathetic? As a higher Chinese, I’d normally ignore something I despise
    (like you). So that proves: you are self-proven emotionally twisted
    lowlife. GFY.

  • L Johnson 5 years ago

    Thanks for the truly awesome video coverage of the area! The music is
    wonderful also. Our Creator, is really amazing.

  • milanisgod 5 years ago

    China is very beautiful!! Greetings from Italy

  • Zerg Cerebrates 5 years ago


  • smileyj 5 years ago

    Will be going to China this year! 😀

  • Feiniaozy 5 years ago

    thanks for uploading! This is my hometown. tears and cheers!

  • jean-claude schwartz 5 years ago

    12:25 Music of Spirit Stallion of the cimarron

  • omegapointil 5 years ago

    From what we get in our media you’d think all of China was back alleys with
    little restaurants like Bourdains show. National Geographic did an entire
    magazine before the Olympics and devoted a two page spread to Minnie Mouse
    while the 3 Gorges Dam, the biggest engineering project on the planet
    warranted a thumbnail sized pic. Must have been vetted by the state dept or
    Faux News.

  • epepepp 5 years ago

    司马迁 should be Sima Qian, not Si Ma-qian. Great video nonetheless!

  • mlsprovideos 5 years ago

    The history of China makes the United States look like a 2 month old baby.
    Marco Polo and alike learned from these guys. Gun Powder, not being the
    least. Terra Cotta warriors are very cool and made at the whim of an
    Emperor. The Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space… wow !

  • fuckfanboys1 5 years ago

    You sounds like a emo bitch. I would recommend professional help.

  • xiaosummer86 5 years ago

    @Influenceboteatshit Fuck off! You such a idiot , stupid person which I
    ever seen.fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alfredzlee 5 years ago


  • Hin Chou 5 years ago


  • Wing Lee 5 years ago

    اجمل بلدان يمكن ان تراها على الارض هنيئا لاهلها

  • Influenceboteatshit 5 years ago

    @xiaosummer86 People in Xi an still don`t wash themselves, they are
    disgusting Chinks LMAO

  • Influenceboteatshit 5 years ago

    @xiaosummer86 You are locked in a room with HItler, Staline and a dirty
    Chink with a 9mm pistol with 2 bullets, what do you do?? Answer: Shoot the
    fucking Chink twice in the head to make sure he is dead 🙂 FUCK SHIT CHINA
    🙂 From the CIVILISED WORLD