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Discover Switzerland by train, bus and boat! Just imagine – a country where travel by public transport is as exciting as it is relaxing. Whether you’re heading for the heights, travelling…



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  • Björn Fredrik Johansson 4 years ago

    Beautiful Switzerland, a part of Europe.

  • Francisco Janeira 4 years ago
  • Sparta Otano 4 years ago

    it’s so beautiful.
    greetings from Indonesia.

  • SimplyComplexProductions 4 years ago

    Thank god I was born in Switzerland

  • Ray Wellington 4 years ago

    one day, I swear to god one day I will be there

  • Rafał Pawikowski 4 years ago

    Super , i takie filmy nakręcać :)

  • Ruvini Ruvini 4 years ago

    Very beautiful country

  • Saga Bjorkman 4 years ago

    Härliga filmer, tack! Speciellt för en tågälskare! Befinner mig just nu i
    gulliga Zug. Utsikt över vattnet och fantastiska snöiga alptoppar på andra
    sidan sjön. Igår var vi i eleganta Zurich på Kunst Muséum och såg en mkt
    fin utställning om hur Gougin, van Gogh, Matisse, Cesanne, Loutrec, Monet m
    fl var inspirerade av Japonismen i förra sekelskiftet. 300 verk! Se den! Vi
    avslutade kvällen i Zug på Hafen-restaurant i ljudet av vågorna och med ett
    lysande pärlband av gatlyktorna från hamnen längre bort i dom stora
    fönstren. Fullsatt som vanligt. Bra stämning. Vänlig personal. God mat med
    efterrätt och vin kostade 200 chf för tre personer. På dagen kan man fika
    eller äta utomhus på den stora träterrassen efter en härlig promenad
    utefter sjön.

  • Hoang Lee 4 years ago
  • Marcel Bila 4 years ago

    Week-end time, enjoy and relax…

  • Hannah Effa 4 years ago

    So beautiful. Amazing! Cant wait to go there! 

  • Luis Villalba Hume 4 years ago


  • Sweety Nancy 4 years ago

    The beauty of Switzerland:

  • Isaac Dowell-Smith 4 years ago

    Though I prefer warmer locals, Switzerland and Norway are the only two
    country’s I would seriously consider settling down in Europe.

  • Luc Jeanmonod 4 years ago
  • Homes For Sale In Knoxville 4 years ago

    I have heard Switzerland is terrific! 

  • Jim Pruett 4 years ago
  • Riorita Rio 4 years ago
  • AaronsShortFilms 4 years ago

    WATCH MY SWITZERLAND VIDEO!! I went to jungfrau mountain it was amazing.
    It’s called Top of Europe: Jungfrau Mountain

  • Eesnimi Perenimi 4 years ago

    Switzerland – a nation for criminals, thieves and racist pricks

  • Litsa V. 4 years ago

    The beauty of Switzerland

  • Saroj Khatiwada 4 years ago

    Wow amazing it was a like heaven ..oh god u r great.i can’t discribe this
    place its was super,awesome. .one day I’ll vist swizerland it my dream 

  • SensatioNEO 4 years ago

    Woah, where’s 1:52? Jamais vu…

  • Jyotsna Gokhale 4 years ago

    Amazingly well done this video. Really captures so much in flashes!

  • Placido F. Adam 4 years ago

    The beauty of Switzerland:

  • Aleksa Radakovic 4 years ago

    OMG WOW 😀

  • David Ben-Abraham 4 years ago

    Let’s face it. The Swiss people (of German, French and Italian extract)
    are a people of industry and thrift. It was most fitting, therefore, that
    they become the custodians and caretakers of this most beautiful piece of
    landscape, a land endowed by God with some of the most breathtaking and
    spectacular natural scenic beauty on earth! The Swiss people have built
    complementary mountain chalets and railroad cars and mountain lifts, with
    trim roads and mountain trails for, both, hikers and bikers. No other
    people on earth could have done it better!

  • Tinku Dey 4 years ago

    God creation nature is always beautiful !

  • Gnanasekaram Putheesan 4 years ago

    Ohhhhhhhhh Woooooooooooooow.

  • 권오숙 4 years ago

    스위스 여행 아름다워.

  • William Podavini 4 years ago
  • Sashko K. 4 years ago

    Гарно то як

  • ASHOK MAHESHWARI 4 years ago

    The beauty of Switzerland:

  • 민민경현 4 years ago
  • alyalasadi 4 years ago


  • TechnologyMafia 4 years ago


  • 유재인 4 years ago
  • Station Plaza 4 years ago

    Sunday 30th November 2014:
    Remember the Lady of Helvetia…VOTE YES!

  • Krantik Mishra 4 years ago

    My dream vacation

  • Tinku Dey 4 years ago

    God creation nature is always beautiful !

  • 민민경현 4 years ago
  • zainal kasbukaza 4 years ago
  • Ksenija Mirkovic 4 years ago


  • Josephinachristina wernke 4 years ago
  • Ramesh Pothakanuri 4 years ago

    Our trip to Switzerland was beautiful and wonderful experience in our life.

  • Melicia 4 years ago

    have the palmthrees

  • BellinghamsterTrail 4 years ago

    The trains in Switzerland are everything they say they are and more because
    of the confidence and convenience they give your vacation. There is no
    worry or stress about them.

  • Mesut Karadeniz 4 years ago