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  • skeptic9876 5 years ago

    great vid thanks for posting .

  • Brad Gudim 5 years ago

    I love Bali. Specifically Ubud.

  • Michael Schmittbauer 5 years ago

    Bali could be great IF all the shitty aussies wouldn’t be there…. but its
    still a dirty place full of garbage EVERYWHERE!!!

  • chris firmansyah 5 years ago

    ♥ Wonderfull INDONESIA ♥

  • loodec1 5 years ago

    Too many car and no good public transport especially in Kuta and Dps. But
    you can drive freely in Gianyar or other regency

  • Jessica Botha 5 years ago

    To Rowan Par, you spoke to soon, a lot of chaos is happening in thailand
    right now. With regards to Muslim bombings in Indo, I wish it would stop
    forever. Primary school that I went to was one of the victim. I wish we
    indonesians stop fighting each other, as we are bhineka tunggal Ika 

  • Lia Liu 5 years ago

    Fall deep in Indonesia. . . Feel like home 

  • Dinar Sindhu 5 years ago

    I think thailand is better

  • Uil Otol 5 years ago

    I’m indonesian,but I lives in Hawaii and Borneo – Kalimantan,some times I
    go back to visit my mom in Kalimantan. I like Bali & Hawaii,USA,I think
    Hawaii is the best islands & clean.

  • Rowan Par 5 years ago

    The don’t have mad Islamic bombers blowing up tourists in Thailand… but
    they sure do in Bali

  • Rosh Baniya 5 years ago

    what i like about your video is that its raw… no script is prepared… u
    say exactly how you felt , what u saw.. thats exactly what a traveler
    needs.. not a scripted and made up stuff.. good stuff sir’ keep uploading..
    and keep travelling.

  • Wayan Darmstadt 5 years ago

    cairnsdotcomdotau beautiful city in queensland australia 

  • Kumar Hemant 5 years ago

    I loved Bali, still to explore Thailand, especially Chiang Mai. I loved
    Bali for Architecture and Temples and Hindu cultures still maintained like
    5000 years old traditions. I found it a culmination of Varanasi + Goa =
    Bali. My analogy is for Varanasi’s temples and culture and Goa’s serene
    beaches and night life. It a must visit. The next on my agenda is

  • Raul F 5 years ago

    Indonesia for the nice shirts!
    Thailand for the food!

  • Indra Gunawan 5 years ago

    I ever read the fuckin’ bombers is Malaysian, they came n stay in indonesia
    and make a big problem

  • andre sabda 5 years ago

    bali, indonesia is beautiful. but Raja Ampat Indonesia is a miracle. 

  • Rampage 5 years ago

    if u think bali is good, u must try raja ampat also in indonesia

  • puriwat jiranuntarat 5 years ago


  • Massage Ubud 5 years ago

    Bali of course! Travel to Bali now! :)

  • Henri Adi 5 years ago

    I agree with you, I’m Indonesian live in Canada, used to go to Bali when I
    was kid, last time I went there it’s dirty. Indonesian govt have to address
    this as soon as possible!

  • Tirani Vira 5 years ago

    I love indonesia so much,btw Bali is an island not a country,bali is in

  • Debby Putra 5 years ago

    bali :0

  • Ali Asidqi 5 years ago

    Bali vs Thailand? The answer is already known! Look at the map, You can’t
    tell where’s Bali. Indonesia has 17.000 island with diferent languange and
    culture. You’ll never boring in Indonesia!

  • claretandblue bfc 5 years ago

    both got nothing on the philippines ;)

  • saranbkk360 5 years ago

    Selamat pagi Guten tag I learning Indonesian I am Thai and ich bin
    Reiseleiter, alles gute