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ALL my BEST weight loss,recipes, cycling, mental, training and lifestyle tips in ONE Book



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  • heartfullofhappiness 4 years ago

    That Vegan meal or I should say feast LOL! looked soooooo SCRUMPTIOUS 🙂
    XXXXXX <3

  • ItsCherryBomb 4 years ago

    That Thai lady in the restaurant was dying to get her face on

  • Katie Kookaburra 4 years ago

    I LOVE how friendly Thai people are – waving for the camera. Yet us
    Westerners get SO freaked out if you shove a camera in your face. 

  • Vegan Shenanigans 4 years ago

    You should totes do a fruit carving class. That would be freaking

  • throwitinthebinUnt 4 years ago

    hey Durian, what dyou think? that thai restaurant lady has a thing for ya?
    go for it i reckon!

  • mike_nielsen 4 years ago

    Could you please do some more “Maccas makes you fat!!!” videos?

  • Rachel O'Hanlon 4 years ago

    I’m going to Thailand in December. How does one convey that they want low
    sodium, low fat vegan meals?

  • durianrider 4 years ago

    Thailand Travel Tips Vlog

  • Jack Frucht 4 years ago

    Yeah…first ;-)

  • trisk77 4 years ago

    Is your account back up dude?

  • glen bradford 4 years ago

    You should of got angry at the litter droppers like you did in the prank

  • TheSweetPerry 4 years ago

    Where are the travel tips?

  • WhatsUpFoo 4 years ago

    Hi DR,
    just a quick question… hope you can answer: You use frame bags for your
    bicycle for cycle touring but you also brought your macbook with you when
    you travelled to thailand, how did you carry your laptop? was it in a
    backpack? I prefer not to carry a backpack when I cycle, especially if I’m
    planning to cycle long distances… any suggestions? maybe the weight of a
    macbook air won’t be such a big deal in a backpack?


  • Jerry Thompson 4 years ago

    Did you retire your Cervello?

  • Persimmon Punch 4 years ago

    I’m staying at the Atlanta Hotel when I head to bangkok in January. Thanks
    for the recommendation. Its character is in line with mine nowadays.

  • ObamaoZedong 4 years ago

    You dont carry a knife?

  • Mark Tassi 4 years ago

    Good idea to bring the trailer. I really could have used that in Cambodia.

  • Passion And Fruit 4 years ago

    aloy maak?

  • pedallin raw 4 years ago

    Nice food! Certainly lay it on there don’t they! You ate all that?

  • Wayne Alexander 4 years ago

    Can you reply to Loren lockmans video. ‘ why do we crave sweets after
    salad’ cheers 

  • Lukas Belicka 4 years ago

    saturday may kay dee´s buffeet is best 

  • Eoin Byrne 4 years ago

    Where did you get the trailer? 

  • Beyond Unknown 4 years ago

    Doug Graham charges $24000 for his cooking class. May Kaidee charges $50

  • Anon Pear 4 years ago

    oh no the key will break if you use it like that^^

  • Banana Wisdom 4 years ago

    Wow that meal looks yummy!