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A short guide to Patong Beach, Jung Ceylon shopping centre and Bangla Road.



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  • Michael Jakobsen 5 years ago

    Congratulations ! If you got the time it would be nice to combine one week
    at Kata, Karon, Patong with one week at a more isolated place. For a
    honeymoon I would personally choose one of the less crowded beaches such as
    some of the beaches to the north of Phuket, one of the small islands (like
    Raya Island) or one of the smaller places around Koh Phi Phi, Krabi or Khao
    Lak. Patong is mostly for shopping and partying.

  • Michael Jakobsen 5 years ago

    Note that during May to November the weather means that boat trips to the
    west of Phuket are reduced or stopped (Access to Similan Islands are
    prohibited) and the sea may be a bit rough sometimes.

  • sahputriinnes 5 years ago

    Michael, this is such a great guidance for me as I’m going to Phuket this
    July. I’m a first timer 😀 I’ll stay in a hostel in Patong called Bodega.
    It has a good review. Hope I can get the most wonderful experience while
    I’m in Phuket 🙂

  • Vikermajit 5 years ago

    Been to Patong Beach.Nice place- Merrison Inn is a nice place to
    stay.Reasonable room rates, clean and good facilities. Try the seafood at
    Mr Good’s restaurant and also the Tandoori Chicken at Dubai Restaurant near
    the beach. Thanks for the video clip.

  • Darryn Waugh 5 years ago

    Great video, really enjoyed it. I stayed at Karon Beach in 2007 and loved
    it. Im getting married in April 2012 and will be going back to Phuket on my
    honeymoon. Im just undecided exactly where we are going to go. IM stuck
    between Phi Phi, Kata Beach of half and half. We will be there in mid to
    late April 2012. Like i said ive been before and loved everything about
    Phuket. What do you think?

  • AngeliquesLOVE 5 years ago

    best video on phuket out there ,thanks so much for ur help! 🙂