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Check out my Thai street food guide: and also my travel and street food website here http://migrationol…



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  • vasanthmuthu 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your videos mark. You really can make your viewer
    feel wanting to be there where you were to taste what you ate… Thank you.

  • Legaceybeats 5 years ago

    man your videos are awesome

  • Bryan BPhotographic 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, I missed this wonderful looking meal while in Bangkok. I will
    make it next time I’m in Bangkok for sure!!! Thanks for the great video!!!
    Looks so Yummy!!!

  • Mehmet Vines 5 years ago

    I love your face after every food you eat haha nice one!

  • Lenny Sayavong 5 years ago

    Hella yea bangkok

  • Yochana Jankaew 5 years ago

    you really know how to get the best from Thai food. haha like it.

  • LETPLAYGTA :D 5 years ago


  • Anuwat Rodprasert 5 years ago

    you are good in eating spicy food 

  • Arati Rana 5 years ago

    Wanna try it )):

  • Pete Sookkhoo 5 years ago

    We don’t say Pla chon pao, we just say Pla pao.

  • RandTheRand 5 years ago

    i hate you

    so jealous of the food you eat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nams chamo 5 years ago

    make me hungry!

  • เวียง วิราวดี 5 years ago

    You can eat hotter than me

  • sparrrowhawk 5 years ago

    Awsome video … will try this stuff ..

    Thanks buddy ;)

  • Mory Barony 5 years ago

    Hello Mark. I am a Thai. I myself eat very spicy but after watching all of
    your videos I must say Man you eat very very very spicy, let me warship you
    lol. I love the way you express the yummy feeling though your face. Thank
    you for liking and appreciating Thai food and thank you for making such
    incredible videos. Now I am going bed with the feeling of craving for Thai
    food. I think I am gonna have a nightmare. LOL

  • Harsa Arizki Bachsin 5 years ago

    Honestly, I don’t want to pay 300 THB (9 US$) for those street food. With
    300 THB actually I could eat at MK GOLD Siam Paragon for delicious
    cantonese food or perhaps I only spent only 270 THB to get a brunch in
    delicious tasty Thai’s food in 10″East at Anantara Bangkok Sathorn (my
    favourite hotel in Bangkok) and that’s not a snake-head fish I think it
    actually Cat Fish. But two Thumbs up! U’ve shared a lot of things in
    Thailand that some of them I don’t recognized it esp. in rural Thai area
    that I haven’t discover it yet. Keep up ur good works!

  • FisHFry 5 years ago

    Damn look so good

  • heavenlypurple1 5 years ago

    Lots of places do not use napkins this is why many carry toilet paper.,

  • kenjidakota 5 years ago

    i am hungry. Can you bring some home? Can I place an order?

  • euro2888 5 years ago

    gay producer !!!!!!! huaaaaaa

  • Temple of Thai 5 years ago

    Eating street food at Central World, Bangkok with +Thai Food — Mark Wiens
    eats his way through street food favorites Pla Pao, Som Tam and Gai Yang.

    #thaifood #streetfood #food #foodies 

  • Alonzo Guerrero 5 years ago


  • Mark Wiens 5 years ago

    Snake head fish may be ugly, but they sure are tasty!

    Here’s a video from an extremely busy Bangkok street food restaurant:

  • Thai Food ( 5 years ago

    Thai street food just outside Central World shopping mall!

  • Maria Falvey 5 years ago

    Oh My…! Mark shows us another FANTASTIC dish from Thailand…