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Thai Prison Fights:

Subscribe to FIGHTLAND on YouTube: In Klong Prem high-security prison in Bangkok, inmates box outsiders for money, short…
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  • Jack-Of-All-Trades 4 years ago

    6:50 damn she is very pretty

  • LegoPig 4 years ago

    I am twice the size of some of those guys, but looking at thir faces I
    wouldn’t want to fight them. No way in hell. 

  • Engineered Truth 4 years ago

    Bring this to america lol

  • fin regan 4 years ago

    that was shit

  • DracoUltima 4 years ago

    Most of these guys are far too thin IMO.

  • Shining Trapezoid 4 years ago

    so the most violent ones get out early? great idea

  • solidtemper 4 years ago

    awesome, they should do that in the USA. I bet there is some prisoners who
    would make MMA fighters cry. 

  • brolygvc 4 years ago

    0:25 you can get arrested in thailand for having sex?

  • Killa Kam 4 years ago

    How is this Prison? This looks fun!

  • taylor pelletier 4 years ago

    these guys look tiny compared to the giant guys in the american jails. like
    we have 6’7 guys that are super strong

  • slackabeara 4 years ago

    we should have sompthing like this in the us it would cut down on prison
    murder rates

  • TheUnluckyFisherman 4 years ago

    What an amazing thing. Two people in jail get in an argument so they put
    them in the ring. No blind-siding, cheap shots, cowardly weapons etc. What
    a great way to solve the issue. Let them work it out by themselves, and
    relieve some stress at the same time. Damn, if only more everyday issues
    could be solved like this, maybe there would be less street violence if
    people could have a fair fight with others who they have problems with.
    Less stabbings, less gangbangs. Solve the problem right there, without
    holding grudges and waiting for the person to go insane and shank someone.
    Wow, truly amazing.

  • Levon iTz 4 years ago

    The funny thing is … Muay Thai was literally made to kill and they are
    teaching it to prisoners that are in prison for killing others … xD ! 

  • Fabio Vetro 4 years ago

    Complimenti, bellissimo video!

  • Incognito 4 years ago

    these small people can’t fight

    i would take them down, and dominate them with bjj

  • Onuke 4 years ago

    I think this is a brilliant idea. Those who are in prison are already
    proven to be violent. Why don’t we allow them to become a professional
    boxer, institutionalising their violence in a more controlled way, while
    the society takes pride in having such talented, motivated athletes in the
    national team.

  • him3zz 4 years ago

    Go in as a piece of cookie dough
    Come out as a bad ass ex convict fighter

  • Tucker Greene 4 years ago

    is it just me, or does anybody else see a problem with putting murderers
    with nothing to lose and no hope of freedom in a position to hurt people?
    i can get on board with letting the guys who are getting out eventually go
    at it…but lifers with no chance of parole??? really???????

  • Isha Jabeen 4 years ago

    It’s a good way of re-condition their minds off from the criminal pass.

  • Tristan Bro 4 years ago

    So if someone is lets say is……6ft.7 and muscular and has killed a child
    but then is sent to prision but then becomes an amazing fighter and wins
    almost all of their fights and get their sentences reduced by huge amounts
    of years? That’s just wrong

  • Daniel Ericksen 4 years ago

    captain, whats the song at 3:14 >?

  • Aashay Nagar (ash) 4 years ago

    anyone realized that of these prisoners got jail-break and/or finished
    their sentence and came beck to they bad nature of killing, robbing,
    etc..who much of a danger they could be to civilians with those newly
    learned skills!?

  • kumar singh 4 years ago

    Hahaha, they look like midgets in front of the Notorious Gangs inmate of
    Americans Prisons.. !!

  • Alexander Yosifov 4 years ago