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  • Joseph Marine 4 years ago

    Stockholm Nordens Venedig..
    Stockholm Venice of The North..

  • Nicki Carlson (Night Lady) 4 years ago

    Stockholm Nordens Venedig..

  • Vktour Co.,Ltd 4 years ago

    Nice city, want to see one day.

  • Adnan Al-Amoudi 4 years ago

    Europe is by far the most beautiful place on the planet.

  • james 898 4 years ago

    T>T i wanna go THERE SOME TIME 

  • SIRAJ ALDIN 4 years ago

    I love sweden . Nice women 

  • Kapeo Respect 4 years ago

    I want to come to Sweden, its a dream for me , i want to go with my
    family..but it is difficut to find a job…

  • Alexis Thorne 4 years ago

    Avicii, Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Otto Knows came from

  • James Abraham 4 years ago

    sweden is a little bit nice

  • Xez1919 4 years ago

    It reminds me of Switzerland :-))

  • Tramseskumbanan 4 years ago

    This is almost the only things that are old in Sweden now days.

    The rest were torn down during the 1930s to the 1970s.

  • Zana osie 4 years ago

    Can any one help me to get to swedean .my name is zana osie on facebook.. 

  • centaure dor 4 years ago


  • Wilfredo Cruz 4 years ago

    I should migrate over there!!!! Im tired of living n texas

  • Sweden 4 years ago


  • SuperEffectivePoni 4 years ago

    How awesome, I need to visit someday :3 

  • youlook fine 4 years ago

    All the European countries have the best historical architecture, and
    Sweden most of all has the best and most beautifull countryside and water
    ways lakes islands etc,though the downside is the weather ! On the upside
    the water is so clean you can not only swim in it but drink it and it is
    one of the best citys in the world for clean air that is not polluted. They
    are not known for there food though Stockholm does have all the modern
    fast food places.They are the best European country for speaking english as
    they are taught it in school (unlike france italy etc).The swedes are allso
    known for being very international and more of a mixed culture in races ,it
    doesn’t matter who or what you look like there is an acceptance the Swedes
    are allso taught that in schools not just there own culture but others too
    ,meaning that you can be yourself and enjoy there culture but not have to
    convert to it! Allso Stockholm is very unique compared to most
    citys….where else will you find all mod cons of a big city with beautiful
    countryside and rivers lakes and islands 20 minuetes away ? I think on
    ballance you get the best of bothe worlds with Stockholm.

  • carlos mancilla concha 4 years ago

    vackra Sverige.

  • Mohammed alomary Albity 4 years ago


  • partyhatftwlol 4 years ago

    Hello, is it hard to find a job in stockholm if you’re a medical doctor (MD
    from Australia) ?

  • julie orda 4 years ago

    I love sweden I hope I can visit sweden country..

  • bob saget 4 years ago


  • ashome13 4 years ago

    Nordic pride

  • Mary R. 4 years ago

    Awesome video! I’ve lived in Stockholm for a few months now (from the US)
    and I’m loving it. The weather is great (summer) and the city is just
    beautiful, history and water everywhere!

    I posted a few videos of Stockholm too :)

  • Alex Eriksson 4 years ago

    00.08 is the place where i met my dad for the first time in my life… omg

  • orthon71 4 years ago

    I posted a comments about a year or so .To the owner of this video filmed
    an unidentified flying object in the minute 1:21. & 1:22 in the upper
    center of the screen….

  • LPS elsatv 4 years ago

    🙂 I’m from Sweden

  • George Stewart 4 years ago

    Great video
    I have been going to Sweden since 1978
    My wife of 35 years is swedish
    The United States is experiencing detrimental changes.
    I am working on my swedish residency permit.
    I will finish my life in Sweden.

  • LPS elsatv 4 years ago

    I’m from Sweden! It’s great here

  • Monu Ghanghas 4 years ago

    nice city i need to visit

  • MrAlek1990 4 years ago

    You were in Kiev?

  • philipscotland 4 years ago

    visiting this summer!

  • MYBIGKINDHEART 4 years ago

    Sweden is a great place to visit and to relax too, maybe to move to and
    live as well?

  • Bjorn Ändersson 4 years ago

    My Hometown

  • Gelsyviolet 4 years ago

    Bellissima città che avrà grossi problemi a causa di una insensata e
    assurda politica sulla immigrazione. Questi svedesi sono ingenui e miopi.

  • babbu love sonia 4 years ago

    i love sweden and norwoy

  • muhannad alsheikhly 4 years ago

    جولة في إيسنوكهولم الجزء الأول
    Stockholm, Sweden part 1

  • Wally Smith 4 years ago

    They don’t seem to make many Swedish videos in December.

  • Sofija Daudoraviciute 4 years ago


  • John Smith 4 years ago

    Excellent tour…music and documentary…very professional. Wish it would
    have been twice as long. No one ever mentions air fare … hotel and eating
    expense though. I’m not rich. If I have to ask… then I guess…I can’t
    afford it…right? :-)

  • Jose Francisco Javier Beltran 4 years ago

    Amazing place ….

  • Shan Church 4 years ago

    Nice video thanks for sharing. 

  • Filipe Silva 4 years ago

    I’m sorry to say but you need to study Eureope’s history. Good video in
    general, though.

  • South Korea 4 years ago

    Thank you video!!!!

  • roger andy 4 years ago

    U r just amazing mannnn

  • OldaurGold 4 years ago

    I don’t find Northern European women very attractive 

  • Caravanuutiset 4 years ago

    Nice tour.

  • Armando luaces caballero 4 years ago
  • Ali Moustafa 4 years ago