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  • garcia laura 3 years ago

    That was 500 years ago, when things were totally different in the whole
    world, shall we talk about Henry VIII of England? How many inocents did he

  • Metrionix 3 years ago

    So beautiful. So elegant. Almost makes you forget the Inquisition and the
    genocide. I’d love to travel to Spain. 

  • PlanetVilla Internacional 3 years ago

    Welcome to spain!

  • Alex Santos 3 years ago

    Proud to be from Spain 

  • Marbella Eye 3 years ago


  • Ирина Викторовна 3 years ago
  • Владимир Путин 3 years ago


  • Marian Gomez 3 years ago

    Looking for some inspiration for your next trip? #spain #madrid
    #ilovemycountry #ilovemycity #ilovemadrid #travel #travelinspiration
    #culture #visitmadrid 

  • Ирина Викторовна 3 years ago
  • José Alonso 3 years ago

    Visit Spain

  • Josep Oriol Guilera Arévalo 3 years ago

    la mare que els va parir…

  • Locations Estate Agents 3 years ago
  • Ghost Toast 3 years ago

    Spain man 

  • RamdomCentral 5 3 years ago
  • Destini Bienaime 3 years ago


  • jambroqc 3 years ago

    Top quality video on Spain. Very informative.

  • Josephinachristina wernke 3 years ago

    Spain, the Country of Beautyful Art, Romantic Music and Dance . The
    Country of theFlamenco and The Bullfights. And….for a
    vacation…beautyful beaches.! Think about Spain. Come to Spain. You are