Share Button Singapore is a country which is small in demographical area and wide in its economic status, in South East Asia. It is a country ble…
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  • MindGuruTV 5 years ago

    Very interesting and informative video!

  • Singapore is so beautiful and classy. It puts New York into shame.

  • PATRICIA CIFALDI 5 years ago

    wonderful video …if only I could visit .ah well thanks for sharingx

  • Andreas Veronese 5 years ago

    In 3 months I will be there 🙂 looking forward..hope 3 days are enough to
    visite Singapore!

  • pikaichoo 5 years ago

    Wow I haven’t been to Singapore in years and it has changed so much! If I
    get a chance I would love to revisit the country again

  • Sandeep Singh 5 years ago

    Would visit at least once ….

  • Monia Andreucci 5 years ago

    aawww my honeymoon…..just love Singapore!!

  • denzelswifey86 5 years ago

    I want to visit Singapore

  • kirsten Ross 5 years ago

    I absolutely love Singapore. I spent a few weeks there this summer during
    my travels and had such an amazing time. The people, the food, the
    sights…. Marina Bay; it’s all so wonderful. I want to live there some
    day. Singapore will always have a little piece of my heart <3

  • 5 years ago

    Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

  • Michael Bailey 5 years ago

    This was awesome.

  • Jordan bevans 5 years ago

    so beautiful !

  • Indah Rachman 5 years ago

    I toured

  • 1sushicheese1 5 years ago

    A place with amazingly delicious food, no chewing gum under tables, and
    where every public place has flushed toilets. sounds like my kid of place

  • Andy Born 5 years ago

    I always thought English was the official language in Singapore, please

  • Marius Barbu 5 years ago

    Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

  • Miranda Dean 5 years ago
  • Muriel Ruan S. P. 5 years ago