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  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    Dirty little Singapore. Dirty in deed little in intelligence. Yes, it is
    true–this is the little North Korea.

  • Muhammad Hamdan 5 years ago

    Dos and Donts

  • ben lim 5 years ago

    where in hell you got the idea you cant touch a persons head or show the
    bottom of your feet? THATS THAILAND MATE LOL

  • castlegate2013 5 years ago

    I really don’t like the sound of Singapore. Maybe they could do us a favor
    and ban tourists. 

  • ben lim 5 years ago

    haha.. absolute.. newbe rubbish.. lol have you been to singapore mate? you
    are a bloody joke XD

  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    Third World, Barbaric, Savage, Torture, Floggings, Censorship: Just some
    descriptions of Singapore

  • xxxdieselyyy2 5 years ago

    Strange thing about Singapore is that u can get into serious doo-doo for
    smoking a joint, or death penalty if u have a certain quality of rasta herb
    which harms nobody, but u can go ahead & use a traficked sex worker from
    Malaysia, China or Indonesia in the many massage clubs dotted across the
    city state :O

  • hengcc 5 years ago

    Singapore is a clean city

  • Andy Canonoy 5 years ago

    @somuchsolittleful Just fuck off already you are PISSING ME TO THE MAX!

  • hengcc 5 years ago

    Some public toilets in malls are free . No need to pay.

  • Andy Canonoy 5 years ago

    THAN YOUR OWN btw where do you live?

  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    Do not worry about my parents, worry about yourself and how you fail to see
    the truth about a tyrannical barbaric regime. Admit there is a sickness and
    an obsession in Singapore to beat and brualize men and boys. The laws are
    sexist and discriminate against males as females may also commit the very
    same crime but are not flogged. Gender violence whereby paid prison
    perverts mutilate naked male human beings is the disgusting truth .

  • Михаил Торгов 5 years ago

    i want to be there

  • Ll Pp 5 years ago

    Yes and in singapore, people like you are locked in a place called
    Institute of Mental Health.

  • indranil phukan 5 years ago

    I like the music that is playing in background …can anybody name the
    soundtrack please 🙂

  • Jumbo Limo 5 years ago

    I Am A Singaporean, Born And Bred Here All My Life. Theres No Such Thing As
    Barbaric Government As Mentioned by @somuchsolittlefl. Its a pity you voice
    your opinion cowardly under anonymous alias. If what you said is true we
    Singaporeans will back yo 100% but obvious what you alleged is untrue.

  • Kevin McMahon 5 years ago

    Holy shit… a mandatory death penalty for drug use!

  • 007jimmymac 5 years ago

    Then, America could also condone ‘waterboarding’ to make sure it is
    “terrorist free” or any other nation could resort to inhuman abuse to
    achieve it’s agenda? Singapore, like N. Korea, Iran, Syria etc is in
    defyance of international law, and it is truly disgusting that these
    sadists get away with their crimes.

  • Elisabeth Esther 5 years ago

    I am a Singaporean so you can chew gum, just not resell it. You can smoke
    in public just smoke at designated areas..

  • Jano Zen 5 years ago

    U are sprouting nonsense

  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    So then, Singapore’s answer is to resort to barbarity and torture and kill
    human beings? All nations can do the same thing, but civilized first world
    countries abide by international laws against inhuman practices, and have
    agreed that such actions are illegal crimes. Shame on Singapore.

  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    Imagine if all nations would implement the torture of human beings? There
    are reasons why most of the world agrees that extreme physical assault is
    unethical and immoral, and therefore have outlawed such barbarity. .
    Floggings are crimes against humanity and these violent acts are not
    acceptable and violate the decency of mankind

  • somuchsolittleful 5 years ago

    RIGHTS crimes. GO ELSEWHERE IN ASIA Try Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc but
    Stay Away from here.

  • shutterbugwarrior 5 years ago

    That is misleading. Using drugs is not a capital punishment. Just a lengthy
    jail sentence and caning. Only those caught selling drugs or are drug
    runners, couriers or mule will be get the death sentence. That too is being

  • rockyboy467 5 years ago

    you are a real asshole, human right activists going around insulting spore
    . Come visit here and find out yourself and find out the truth yourself
    rather from this devil, human right human rights , what a joker