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Singapore & Malaysia (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Bros

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  • Eunike Kartini 4 years ago

    Gada YouTuber Indonesia yang mau bikin kaya gini?
    Tambahin Indonesia gih…ini kocak deh.

    (bikin parodi politiknya udah dulu yuk)

  • funnybunny puppy 4 years ago

    Thank you ! im from Singapore ! kisses from SG! but char kway teow is ‘
    ‘te, wow’ 

  • FungBrosComedy 4 years ago

    Singapore – Malaysia! This is a video we did in collaboration with AYAM
    Brand. We wanted to teach people about Singapore and Malaysia while
    glorifying it’s food. We hope you enjoy it. 

  • elserker 4 years ago

    jajjajajajaj, aparently “americans” gringos, doesnt have the capasity of
    learning, and they have to learn like stupid children whit some
    retardation, that or this stupid asians are just wannabes of gringos
    because they have not a national personality a national identity or its
    just not done yet or is in pampers or whatever, asian wannabes of gringos
    jajajjajajaj so dam patetic, they like to be like the most stupid people in
    the world and most unpopular people the “american”people the mental
    retarded gringos jajjajajaja. Stupid asians get some dignity and grow up

  • Sandra Janis 4 years ago

    Hello! Just wanted to know, which song is the rhythm from??

  • Suhanjaya Lian 4 years ago

    aw 4:02 Rendang cuisine Indonesian la bro !! b’coz im Indonesian =))

  • Nadia Fareha 4 years ago

    Are they Singaporeans or Americans?

  • Harith Daniel 4 years ago


  • Mayressha Charles 4 years ago

    That blackboard tho.. ” Malayasia”. It is spelled wrongly. Malaysia is how
    it spelled. 

  • Nubaha Ahsan 4 years ago

    Lol prata
    It’s parata 

  • TaeNy35v 4 years ago

    Malaysia…. ^o^ .. awesome food…. BUT!!!!! car prices in Malaysia and
    Singapore takes up the top 2 most expensive place to buy a car if not

  • Jhoni hartanto 4 years ago

    this is CHINESE ???
    where MALAY BASTARD ???
    OH YEAH FUCK malay is races SHIT.

  • HyunniePrincess 4 years ago

    I noticed the girls are dancing Hyosung’s Goodnight Kiss lol

  • Eve Sing 4 years ago

    The only music video I like Go Malaysia and Singapore!!

  • RachelPlaysBeyblade 4 years ago

    Watching the Indonesians and American Asians fight about their country and
    races and religion and etc, AM I THE ONLY MALAYSIAN HERE?

  • Ari Aula Arikae 4 years ago

    Hmm are these our new National Day songs? lol #Singapore #NDP2014
    #foodporn #mmmdap PS: The mom rox. LOL 

  • Jingly Bubble Pop 4 years ago

    Lol! This vid is superb! So many delicious food …like durian… BO JIO me
    next time!!!! 

  • AppleMe 4 years ago

    U guyz said so many words wrongly

  • metubeaccountko 4 years ago

    name of the girl in black? 0:10
    she’s hot!

  • jobson1991 4 years ago

    name of the girl at 1:43? :PPP

  • Xin Yie 4 years ago

    Proud to be malaysian

  • denise leong 4 years ago

    Life ain’t stressful in malaysia?? :o

  • LostMyFinger 4 years ago

    I am from Singapore, and I hate it when people say I’m from China

  • Sanjeev Kumar 4 years ago

    Seems very much like a product placement ad

  • Lee Daniel 4 years ago

    Only Malaysia and Singapore curry taste so good. *no sweet