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Chilli Crab is a signature dish for which Singapore is famous. In this video I try the dish discussing it’s delicate flavours. The chilli is not hot in the r…
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  • Birddybuddy 5 years ago

    M going there in about 10days and I would like to know where is this place
    plessss :)) thank in advance .

  • el2995 5 years ago

    @Birddybuddy: Try either No Signboard Seafood or Long Beach Restaurant at
    the East Coast Seafood Center, or the Long Beach restaurant on Dempsey Road
    for some good chili crab, and also try the black pepper crab.

  • Arizona Bob 5 years ago

    That looked sooo good! I agree with you about splurging from time to time,
    it sure is worth it if you can find the right restaurant. Cheers!

  • 5 years ago

    @sldsss1234 I found even dishes that look like a plate of veggies may well
    have small fish or mince in them. Always best to ask

  • secretorganisation 5 years ago

    like the wise saying…”yesterday dinner is today’s poop”

  • 5 years ago

    Will do Justin, can do a video with your Grandma if she likes

  • ken sim 5 years ago

    please do tell where is this place?

  • Bettie Orion 5 years ago

    i went to that restaurant, isn’t it the “no signboard seafood”?

  • loverangel1 5 years ago

    In singapore eat like the locals do. Use ur hands!!!

  • someutubeusername 5 years ago

    you are great

  • Ron S 5 years ago

    He looked like he was going to keel over while eating it. Its not hot but
    he keeps clearing his throat and making noise. Go to outback steak house
    buddy or man up.

  • jolenepeh 5 years ago

    You should use your fingers! 🙂

  • sldsss1234 5 years ago

    Looks great!! Now I do eat some crab but any speciality vegetarian dishes???

  • 5 years ago

    @bolmeteus Malaysia now 🙂

  • johnston gillan 5 years ago

    Really enjoyed your video, food looks awesome.

  • Tatjana Trobec 5 years ago


  • Irene Moore 5 years ago

    What’s the purpose of this video if u won’t say where u eating?!? Useless..

  • Jeremywwk 5 years ago

    There are two more crab dishes you should try, black pepper crab and the
    salted egg crab

  • bolmeteus 5 years ago

    Hey didn’t know you were in Singapore! Welcome!

  • TheStargirl885 5 years ago

    That makes me jealous that I cannot get chilli grad right now!! Mmmm looks

  • haistandards 5 years ago

    Very nice clip :). Very natural. Keep it so.

  • haistandards 5 years ago

    I listed the clip in more playlists: Favorites, Tourism, Places and Foods.
    Hope to be useful.

  • KOSUKE HARADA 5 years ago

    I am getting hungry…

  • TritoneMcgee 5 years ago

    I love your new style of videos. Thumbs Up.

  • patagoniab4idie 5 years ago

    I literally salivated while watching this! And the way you describe the
    experience made me hungry – and my dinner wasn’t too long ago! 😀