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We all try to stay away from parasites. But today we will come face to face with them, at Maquro Parasitalogical Museum. The only museum in the world dedicat…
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  • geobeats 5 years ago

    Have you ever visited a bizarre museum? Tell us in comments!

  • edwdfwwfe 5 years ago

    the penis? well when i was 10 i grew a parasitic dick…

  • Jere Ruiz 5 years ago

    thats one BIG dick

  • Michael Hills 5 years ago

    Penis Museum in Iceland

  • leondreaq 5 years ago


  • Crowquilt 5 years ago

    When i was in highschool, I visited a parasite museum in the philippine .
    It was amazing. We also had jarred specimens on our school way back.