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Hello, I am TheTimTracker. Welcome to my crazy beard and mustache driven life! Come with me as we adventure around Orlando, Florida and explore all of the amazing places that have made Orlando.



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  • intercity3000 4 years ago

    Great vlog guys , yes London tube is seen in that way but it’s not that bad
    ­čśë ´╗┐

  • Hannahsneverland 4 years ago

    Jenn you are gorgeous with and without makeup. =)


  • Brookiee1401 4 years ago

    Jenn- your beautiful without makeup!!! ´╗┐

  • TheTimTracker 4 years ago
  • Matthew Bellis 4 years ago

    Was that Jenn burping @7:55? Holy cow that was deep! Also, when you say
    BBQ, would kind of like to see the BBQ, for the foodies in the crowd….
    cause I’m fat.´╗┐

  • Joshua Robinson 4 years ago

    Really Jenn?? You know all Jenns are beautiful. ´╗┐

  • Daniel Walker 4 years ago

    Okay so multiple comments combined here…first off, Jenn if it makes you
    feel better about yourself then by all means wear the makeup…but you’re a
    beautiful person with or without. Secondly, there’s no real reason to
    explain what you meant about I drive being scary or whatever it was you
    said in that vlog…most of us got what you were saying. Personally, over
    my lifetime, I’ve stayed all over Orlando and you’re right it’s a bit safer
    “on property” but still, always be aware of your surroundings is a good
    idea. I drive, at least certain sections, is really busy and I tend to
    always stay a bit south of there unless I’m visiting Universal studios. The
    end towards SeaWorld is less traffic and a bit safer from that kinda
    thing…and lastly babies and barbecue…can’t go wrong with that. Tim,
    juice the fruits and veggies you like…and read some articles online on
    juicing and enjoy. Good vlog you two! (:´╗┐

  • MIKE ZEROH 4 years ago

    You guys should totally have a intro in your videos!!´╗┐

  • Justin Kuhn 4 years ago

    Youtube needa to split your comment section between have u seen the recent
    game of thrones…and have u not…. I want to talk about it
    badly…..which made me think… if they had a juicer in westeroos what
    would they juice…. a squirrel maybe….ya probably a squirrel. ..´╗┐

  • mikesvlogtv 4 years ago

    Juicing is so so good mmmmmmmmm juice´╗┐

  • David McMillan 4 years ago

    It is the same wherever you go, if people want to cause trouble, they will.
    All places have bad areas!!! Mmmm, BBQ!!!!´╗┐

  • Dan Szymanski 4 years ago

    How did you get the scratch on your face Tim?´╗┐

  • bradsdadg 4 years ago

    Jenn, I have to disagree with you about the makeup! I tell my wife all the
    time she looks better without it. Women should go natural and show off
    their beautiful selves :)´╗┐

  • justin woelfel 4 years ago

    When I go to Orlando I stay at Marriott grand vista and it is close to i
    drive but it is tucked away from i drive, and is walking distance to sea

  • lawrence barber 4 years ago

    Jenn u look really good either way,you have natural beauty you know, this
    is coming froma gay guy, LOL´╗┐

  • Nathan Pilgrim 4 years ago

    Cool start to the video Jenn. And thanks for the FYI on I Drive. I think
    you should juice that delicious barbecue ­čÖé Yea season 3 of Sherlock is on

  • Bob Dilan 4 years ago

    Why are your vlogs so amazing!?!?!?´╗┐

  • David Thacker 4 years ago

    Tim quit picking on baby AUBREE. You haven’t told me how her name is
    spelled so I going with my daughters spelling. Banana Pudding!!! juice
    grapes and make wine .´╗┐

  • logans759 4 years ago

    You have to try shots of wheat grass!´╗┐

  • jarrit2375 4 years ago

    Let’s all stay at the tracker house hold. Drinks food and good times are
    sure to be had if you stop by our pad.´╗┐

  • MELISSA OCAIN 4 years ago

    Your right Jenn me and the family have been coming to Orlando every since
    2005 and everywhere you go you must be careful and if they don’t understand
    that oh well I don’t care where you go Orlando ,New York, California you
    must be careful and noticed your surroundings.´╗┐

  • John David Stevens 4 years ago

    nice transformation! I am part of the #vlogfamily It’s nice to meet you!´╗┐

  • Daniel Rivera 4 years ago

    I think you look pretty naturally too. Makeup just makes people look
    prettier. About that chicken, I think he’s been warned about jaywalking
    before. He used the crosswalk, LOL.´╗┐

  • jeremy sewell 4 years ago

    FOX13 &´╗┐

  • John Last 4 years ago

    Or message me on YouTube´╗┐

  • Mike Eason 4 years ago

    Start off slow juicing. Try making orange juice and then mix in one more
    fruit like grapes or something. I got a little crazy when I started juicing
    and there’s a lot of recipes out there that taste horrible. So my advice is
    to stick to fruits that you like for a while and then advance to more
    daring items later. Things like Kale, ginger, celery or any other dark
    green vegetable are very potent and can really be overwhelming in a juice.
    Ok, so there’s my two cents. lol!
    I totally agree with your suggestions on I Drive. It’s safe as long as you
    are aware of who is around you. I’ve stayed there many times and it was
    just fine. However, if you can stay on site that is the most fun!!!
    Thanks for the vlogs Jen & Tim! I enjoy them a lot!´╗┐

  • Mick Ryan 4 years ago

    Jenn you look beautiful no matter if you have make up on ´╗┐

  • Danielle Kennedy 4 years ago

    My ABSOLUTE favorite juice is 1/2 a pineapple, 1 cup of strawberries, 1
    pear, and a handful of mint leaves. SO YUM. ´╗┐

  • mhowell1986 4 years ago

    What happened to Armonie?? You keep talking about Bean but didn’t you have
    two dogs.´╗┐

  • John Mohr 4 years ago

    I’m born and raised in NYC, it’s just common sense, stay aware of your
    surroundings! Everyone, not just tourists! There are people that will do
    bad things everywhere!´╗┐

  • Brett DeVoursney 4 years ago

    You guys should try out the “Town House” at 5:11. It’s amazing!´╗┐

  • Richard T. Reyes 4 years ago

    Watermelon juice is the BEST! You can process the seeds, rind, everything.
    And older bananas are sweeter ….the best for banana cream pie.´╗┐

  • Cupcake63931 4 years ago

    haha I completely understand about the whole International drive thing,
    you’ve always gotta be wary of your surroundings!
    and also for some reason YouTube keeps messing up and unsubscribing me from
    you (and loads of other youtubers) it’s really annoying! and I love juice
    omg ´╗┐

  • jose bercande 4 years ago

    Smoothies or ice cream´╗┐

  • Daily Disney 4 years ago

    It does happen a bunch in touristy areas. Here in Salt Lake, during ski
    season, there is a TON of fraud/theft etc around the city and in Park City.
    As long as you’re aware of what’s going on around you it’s all good. Great

  • MeaghansW0rld 4 years ago

    What should you juice, you ask? ALL OF THE THINGS!!! :D´╗┐