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North East -India’s Paradox worth visiting has been authored by James Perry an authority on travel in North East India, with research and editorial support f…



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  • orangedac 5 years ago

    good stuff. but why does he keep saying the north east is like a different
    country than India?

  • tigeracademy singh 5 years ago

    great guy

  • Biaklian Hauzel 5 years ago

    @orangedac well basically you have to come to north east to see for
    yourself…. we don’t look the same, our culture and customs and taste in
    everything is different….thats why people from north east india are
    easily mistaken as foreigners…

  • MrPaduh 5 years ago

    @orangedac – if you come to north East you will realize why that is said.

  • CarbonDioxide1990 5 years ago

    lol he has an indian accent

  • jo332211 5 years ago

    My brother (Jim) went our a tour with James and said he is an excellent
    guide. They went to some remote places and my brother appreciated how James
    understood and respected the cultures of the people they interacted with.

  • orangedac 5 years ago

    @Hinduismglance have you lived there (in the NE) or do you currently live
    there? what part of India are you from?

  • hinduism glance 5 years ago

    @orangedac….the cuisines are unique….you don’t get to eat live worms
    all over India….the dress is different….In some parts women take dowry
    and they head the family….but culturally….the hinduism past is retained
    in their customs.