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Myanmar is the less-traveled gem of Southeast Asia. Amy S. Dane tells interviewer Jack Barron of her travels there. Myanmar (Burma) is called the Golden Land…
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  • Cho Sett 5 years ago

    Hello Ms Amy Dane, thanks very much for your presentation of my homeland of
    Myanmar. I enjoyed it very much. I left the country 35 years ago, but have
    been back on short visits many times. I am planning to go there again next
    year and travel to some places I have never been to before.

  • amydaneadventures 5 years ago

    Cho, This really means a lot to me, coming from a native. I loved your
    country and I hope you’ll enjoy your upcoming trip. So much is changing
    there. Thanks, Amy

  • Cho Sett 5 years ago

    Amy, You are so right about the changes in Myanmar. Not all of these
    changes are positive. My last trip there was two years ago (I live in the
    US) and it was still one of the cheapest countries in Asia, if not the
    world. Not anymore. Tourists are flocking into the country and hotel room
    rates are 3 to 4 times more than before! I remember that in the past hotels
    were practically begging for business. I suppose it’s the law of supply and
    demand now. Still, it’s my native land, and I love it.

  • HonuStyleImports 5 years ago


  • amydaneadventures 5 years ago

    THANKS!! If you’d like to go there, I can help! Amy