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Travel video about destination Morocco. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, has the most important harbour in North Africa and is gateway to the magic of the Orient.In the Koran it says:…



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  • Redouane Meskira 4 years ago

    mon pays le royaume du Maroc

  • Lisa Brown 4 years ago

    Love love love this!!

  • Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis 4 years ago

    I grew up in two countries with very recent history and new culture (Haiti
    and the U.S.). To see a country like Morrocco with all it’s history, and
    some of it still in tact is very fascinating. 

  • Montem Adventure Tutorials 4 years ago

    A great video about a beautiful country! 🙂
    We went to Morocco in january to make an adventure tutorial about Mt.
    Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains. Check it out on our channel and get the
    full experience of climbing the highest peak in North Africa 🙂 Best
    regards from Copenhagen

  • Poodie Pie 4 years ago

    thanks for the vidieo Expoza , how do you find Morocco? beautiful huh? :D

  • sarah belehouiria 4 years ago
  • Meriem ritaje 4 years ago
  • Poodie Pie 4 years ago

    Morocco is The Best beautiful COUNTRY ! WELCOME FOR EVRY ONE TO <3 <3 <3
    MOROCCO <3 <3 <3

  • Елена Дикарева 4 years ago

    Morocco Travel Video Guide

  • Angela Swann 4 years ago

    Very wonderful video… I really hope to visit Morocco someday.

  • anandarao jeldi 4 years ago

    very nice video

  • Keith Martin 4 years ago

    Enjoyable and informative

  • abdelali EL KADI 4 years ago

    فديو رائع

  • Robin Babu 4 years ago

    going to be in morocco from nov 26 to 30th. what can i see and do in 4
    days, i have a rental car. i would like to cover as much i can. need
    advice, thanks in advance.

  • Merlo Lisowski 4 years ago

    amazing I hope I can make it this April

  • Abhimanyau Neupane 4 years ago

    Expoza Travel making always great documentary.

  • Exciting World Travels 4 years ago

    Great video. now i want to go there.

  • Lisa Brown 4 years ago


  • Amir amid 4 years ago

    Morocco is one of the best place you can relax your mind and your soul and
    your body , it is country when u feel like you are living in the ancient
    time and at the same time 2014 due to Modernism and conservatism at the
    same time , Morocco is a country where you can enjoy mountainous tourism
    , beaches , desert . it a place where u can enjoy Mediterranean water and
    atlantic ocean water , lakes and rivers , the food is awesome , enjoy ur
    trip if u planning to visit , great experience , but don’t stay just in the
    big cities .

  • Raushan Szanshuakova 4 years ago

    The best country!

  • MARILYN MONROE 4 years ago


  • Byung Sung Kim 4 years ago
  • TheAwsome5000 4 years ago

    morocco is da bomb 

  • ZakGayle Asbab 4 years ago


  • CANADIAN SOUMA 4 years ago

    very nice video

  • soloman salim 4 years ago

    in summer 2008 i visited many cities with some friends . we have seen many

    places and also people and taste a lot of delicious plats . this trip is

    for me for many reasons …

    friends – people – places – activities – weather and other things .

    i can remember many stuff and events thats happen in this trip.

  • 2712star 4 years ago

    Nice video thanks for sharing ….