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Thinking about traveling in Thailand? See the ordered chaos of Bangkok, the beauty of Ko Chang and Lonely Beach, the desperation of Pattaya and the art-laden…
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  • KoalaVG 4 years ago

    Great video! How does it take for you to travel by train from Bangkok to
    Chiang Mai?

  • eurus pulsare 4 years ago

    you not supose to talk to the monks? what about taking photo of them is it

  • Kooma Barclay 4 years ago

    Great video — do you have an update on traveling in Thailand due to the
    civil unrest?

  • streeteats 4 years ago

    awesome report

  • First time travel Thailand 4 years ago

    Nice and catchy video you made. it reminds me of my enthusiasm when i
    traveled there there the first time. The taxi is not a ‘sing two’ but a
    songthaew. Song means 2 and thaew a seat. 🙂
    Why is prostitution a big problem in Thailand? pity you mentioned that.
    For Thai people it is not, For most western people also not. 

  • Bob Tsukamoto 4 years ago

    @LostandFoundTravel Thank you,,,you’re very kind ;-)))

  • asiatraveller1 4 years ago

    great video,will you be making anymore videos on thailand in future,keep up
    the good work

  • Lost & Found Travel 4 years ago

    @bobitsuki Contact me when you do and I’ll send you some actual info info.
    Chiang Mai is a MUST.

  • Lost & Found Travel 4 years ago

    Thank you guys so much. That really means a lot!

  • mkphotonet 4 years ago

    A great video of a beautiful country, thanks for sharing.

  • Beekeeperstories. World travel. Documentary. 4 years ago

    Thanks for the vid. Haven’t been to this beautiful country for a while.
    After my tour in Tanzania that’s my next destination. BKS

  • TastyThailand 4 years ago

    BTW, I’m not meaning to be rude with my comments 🙂 Thailand is an
    incredibly difficult country to understand as, like I said, Thais will
    often tell you what they think you want to know or what is ‘polite’ and
    they often get confused about culture particularly because of using
    incorrect English words. I’ve lived here for 12 years and speak fluent
    Thai, and it still took me a long time to figure out a lot of things. BTW,
    love your videos. Watch all of them.

  • Michael Jones 4 years ago

    I really miss Thaialand

  • Wurmo 4 years ago

    So you are blaming the traveler? It is a shame that people wish to spend
    their money to travel the world and these savages don’t care. They have no
    morals. Thailand has the highest suicide rate of foreigners in the world,
    but that is false because the police just claim it to be a suicide. Travel
    companies will never tell you this.

  • TastyThailand 4 years ago

    BTW, Damneon Saduak is just a tourist market. It’s not really a local
    market anymore and it’s incredibly expensive. I don’t know a Thai that goes
    there and it’s not recommended, even for tourists as it’s fake.

  • gk10002000 4 years ago

    Well, many foreigners do die in Thailand, Pattayaone net news channel
    probably averages one a week. But saying all Thais hate all foreigners is
    not true. Unfortunately many foreigners act badly over there and take
    advantage and abuse the wonderful Thai hospitality. As far as a short trip
    in Bangkok, Yes, go to the Grand Palace, Wat Po where the reclining buddha
    is also has a nice main hall. Wat Arun across the river is on the coin.
    Dusit Zoo is a nice patch of green. Ride the MTS skytrain

  • RukChatThai2 4 years ago

    Great video!!, Thanks for bring back memory from Thailand* Thanks for the
    share, LostandFoundTravel^___^;)*

  • Lost & Found Travel 4 years ago

    @armbender777 Oh totally – we only had time to skim the surface. Stupid
    short American vacation philosophy… The name is more about “US” and
    getting away from our lives. Thanks for watching.

  • Jikkingen 4 years ago

    I believe the tattooed she had means “laugh”.

  • ShawnLiebling 4 years ago

    Thanks for adding me to your channel. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed
    my work. I recommend checking out the last two episodes if you get a chance
    (they are my favorites). 🙂

  • Lost & Found Travel 4 years ago

    Indeed it does. Laughter and smiles are the universal currency while
    traveling so it seemed appropriate. Also Margaret and I am are improv
    comics in Chicago. So….

  • Pauly183 4 years ago

    @catchyou1000 You, my friend, are a liar and obviously hold a grudge
    against Thailand. Go and spread your muck elsewhere you loser.

  • playnite 4 years ago

    woman are allowed to look and smile at monks. u got that wrong there is
    nothing wrong with looking, smiling, talking. its just that woman are not
    allowed to touch monks thats all

  • Lost & Found Travel 4 years ago

    I can already see your awesome steadycam shot down the crowded BKK
    market/sidewalks…. By the way – Thanks for the push to invest in a SLR
    steadycam rig.

  • Jei Young 4 years ago

    Thx for well documenting Thailand, although it was fast and quick, it was
    all well covered…Thx for the upload…!!