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Travel video about destination London in England. London is an exciting and pulsating metropolis of the new millennium, a melting pot of both people and culture and a fascinating city of diverse…



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  • Stacy Cherewyk 4 years ago

    Looking forward to August 2015, a trip to London and Paris!

  • Mailen Llamas 4 years ago


  • Денис Тимохин 4 years ago

    ужассс красиво как

  • Thom Harrison 4 years ago

    London has changed a great deal since this video was made. A lot of modern
    buildings and attractions are missing.

  • jojox Paulo sumburane 4 years ago


  • Feddy fazbearrs pizza 4 years ago

    Hey guys where’s London? 

  • Sayon Dutta 4 years ago

    Hopefully I can visit London. Am just dying to go there. London is a very
    beautiful city

  • antifugazi 4 years ago

    Water way to have a good time

  • Lorenzo Pisapia 4 years ago

    per me è la cipollaaaaaaa

  • A. Appletree 4 years ago

    Come to London!

    We Have a Clock.

  • Hidehiro Usui 4 years ago

    Within the first 10 seconds, LONDON and right under it? ADULT VIDEO SHOP
    Sounds like my kinda place! Then I noticed “SALE GAY FILMS” hidden in the
    shadow by the 80’s neon.

  • Expolitoral Turism 4 years ago

    Ghid turistic – LONDRA

  • Daniel Filho Engish Teacher 4 years ago
  • Lorenzo Pisapia 4 years ago


  • garply101 4 years ago

    This is over a decade old as there are many more skyscrapers that have been
    added to the London skyline. Nice to mention the canals though, because
    they are a gem.

  • Mohammad Raihaanuddin 4 years ago

    Love u London….Miss u London…………..

  • susan powell 4 years ago

    london is only great to visit….if you have money…i was born and brought
    up there,and moved out 40 yrs ago when it all changed…now i would be
    scared to walk the street at night on my own…take a tip if your
    visiting….take a friend and stay together..and keep your money anywhere
    but your bag.

  • Gabriel Rose 4 years ago

    London is beautiful. Really beautiful. Can’t wait to visit in next year.

  • Anna Paulla Magalhaes 4 years ago

    Como eu sinto falta destes lugares maravilhosos London minha vida.

  • Geo Martinez 4 years ago
  • David Miller 4 years ago

    great video the only thing I thought odd was when the narrator said
    the “English”monarchy.
    I am british and I thought that the monarchy was british. 

  • Robbie Aikman 4 years ago

    I love London. But there’s too many immigrants living there, in my opinion.

  • gulbacha khan 4 years ago

    Once somewhere in London there was a huge traffic jam and no one is pushing
    the horn to create violence also there was a small little girl on the road
    , after some time a traffic police officer take a doll and reached the girl
    and shake the doll smoothly near the girl and then she followed the
    officer who was going back to foot path , the traffic continued again. Is
    this really a true story ? I heard a lot about the smooth and decent life
    style of London from my villager friend whose age is 85+. Now I am 35
    and graduate, living abroad in Gulf . is it possible to visit London for a
    month having a ticket and pocket money ( for low cost hoteling lol ).Kindly

  • GeekChic 36 4 years ago

    How old is this video? The music is hilarious! xD

  • Antje Neumann 4 years ago

    I will go to London again in October and February. I really love this city.
    And I got very positive feedback from the citizens because of my spoken
    English. They said that I don’t sound like a German. And if my written
    English is still bad, please correct me.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Jaime Delgado 4 years ago

    I went to London in July and I absolutely loved it! I’m going back again.
    Anyone who is thinking of visiting London just do it, you won’t regret it. 

  • Valerie Pagan 4 years ago

    I will be staying at The St.James A Taj Hotel. I would like to know how to
    get to the Dover Cliffs to get on a Disney cruise

  • erica Santos 4 years ago

    LONDON is my favorite City from United Kingdom…

  • Aishwarya Singh 4 years ago

    Only u now….♡♥♡♥♡

  • Izabela Kozłowska 4 years ago
  • Sergio Buassali 4 years ago

    Very good .. maybe the best video about London …