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JAPAN TRAVEL ( Unleashing Tokyo)

Must see tips before you arrive Japan, together with my other uploads about country scenes. Metro Tokyo is too huge to reveal everthing in a sigle clip, but …
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  • ChaosPath 5 years ago

    Thank you for the work that you put down for this!

  • kazuyoshi naito 5 years ago

    Hi, Pelein-san. If you are serious to hire me, contact my e-mail below :

  • warbossgrotsmasha23 5 years ago

    thank you for the video ๐Ÿ™‚ it was very entertaining

  • jagaren1 5 years ago

    nice video. just wish you didnt have that anti shake program wich makes the
    video look all twisted.

  • It would help if you understood the English language ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tetsuoswrath 5 years ago

    Whenever I watch this I get a little dizzy. Still great though.

  • Arcady 5 years ago

    Reeeeeaaaally awesome

  • Yesenia Rosales 5 years ago

    Wow good video, almost really feels like your there. Definitely my next
    vacation is Tokyo

  • Ibrahim Saab 5 years ago

    Thank you very much. A very informative video.

  • Glendale1901 5 years ago

    i can’t understand a damn work you saying.

  • John Santiago Pelein 5 years ago

    Hi Sir, I already sent you an email…Arigato Gozaimasu!

  • John Santiago Pelein 5 years ago

    Hi, could you be my tour guide when I will be travelling to Japan? thanks a

  • murry001 5 years ago

    Thanks man, i’m looking at visiting Tokyo in May. Loved that you made a
    video like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • itim418 5 years ago


  • Jarrod 5 years ago

    Great video! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nowgaku 5 years ago

    Tokyo station has done.

  • kazuyoshi naito 5 years ago

    Hi, Zodiac san Wow! You must be a decade-long-resident in Tokyo to have
    visited the myriad of places shown on the three-hour-video. Tell me how you
    come to recognize the presenter’s poor Japanese language without hearing
    anything. His commentaries are all in English.

  • RAZE X 5 years ago

    its my dream to move to japan. i am saving up money from birthdays and am
    looking for a job (im 15) i have almost $800 already saved up for a trip
    there or study abroad there.

  • jojonds 5 years ago

    There is a great website called EatJapanChannel .dotcom which I used on my
    last trip to Japan… Was very useful..

  • Jordan Matiaha 5 years ago

    SUCH a good video. So much good footage and information. Cheers Naito.

  • BluePittbull666 5 years ago

    funny accent. LOL

  • DubuBlackjack 5 years ago


  • amaganaz 5 years ago

    Wow nice video !

  • da009999 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting this. It was lots of fun and very informative.

  • tetsuoswrath 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this video of Japan. It truly is a wonderful