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Discover Japan, we will show you how to save $ $ , insider travel tips and how to plan a fantastic trip to Tokyo. Thank you very much for checking out JapanTra…



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  • TokyoSilver 4 years ago

    COOL vid. do you dig FCPX?
    Love & Create

  • Tanuki 4 years ago

    Could you do it for Haneda?

  • anthony Sciacca 4 years ago

    i use your video when i went to japan and i got the suica card thanks for
    the advice

  • ephemeross 4 years ago

    Very nice work, Chris!

  • DaanSan90 4 years ago

    Love Japan, also love the video. Cant wait till i will finally visit Japan

  • arinco3817 4 years ago

    The graphics are the best on this video! Keep going with the effort Chris,
    it will totally pay off

  • enmitychiq 4 years ago

    hey this such a great video. i’m planning on going to tokyo this summer but
    i was wondering whats the difference between Suica card and the PASMO card?

  • cityend 4 years ago

    @nthglasScotland I remember this guy mentioning once in his other video
    that he was born and raised in Japan.

  • DeepBlueSkyy 4 years ago

    make more

  • 7thwave42 4 years ago

    Great video man. I prefer the bus though, mainly because i usually arrive
    in Japan with a bunch of luggage and taking it on the train is a hassle i
    like to avoid as much as possible haha cheers

  • VAMPYREGOTHIKA 4 years ago

    Keisei line : Narita to Nippori – Ueno = 1000 円

  • Buffalo B 4 years ago

    The graphics and editing are impressive, excellent work Chris.

  • askacheung 4 years ago

    Awesome video, had to watch it twice. Thx for the video!

  • PSNpod 4 years ago

    Dude im going to subscribe you, cause Japan is my dream travel. Hope i live
    there too. Thanks for posting helpful and awesome videos. 🙂

  • ItsNBLeeTime 4 years ago

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang good vid chris!!!!!!!!!!!!! havent seen u made a
    vid in a long time.

  • dongbangjunior 4 years ago

    if only JapanTravelTV was created in 2008 i would have saved alot lol, i’ll
    remember this next time i go. Thanks

  • axor22 4 years ago

    Nice and informative. And no,it wasn’t to fast

  • Blahblah 4 years ago

    Omg dude you kinda look and def.sound like matthew broderick from ferris
    bueller’s day off. xD

  • indigoendz 4 years ago

    Kinda wish i had stumbed onto this before my trip to japan. This
    information would have been very helpful as I was just travelling around by
    myself! Hope to see more videos so I can plan my next trip to Japan! Thanks

  • Andrew Lang 4 years ago

    Yet another travel video voiced-over by a “loud” Yank. Will these people
    not realise they are NOT the world.

  • JSLstudio 4 years ago

    This is awesome…!! i goin to japan in spring and this really help!

  • Noe Lany 4 years ago

    wow, this looks so professional! thank you for the videos!

  • JapanTravelTV 4 years ago

    hey Eleven, Thanks for your detailed comment man! I really want to start a
    website that goes with this channel where we can put details about the
    topics. I’m working on my editing skills so I can put the details on the
    videos but I want to include downloadable maps/google maps with directions
    and put it on a site. Thanks again! You’re knowledge is amazing!

  • sonikku10 4 years ago

    I wish this video existed last March when I went to Japan– my flight got
    in late to Narita, and I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to
    get to Atsugi. I ended up taking the limousine bus since it was going to
    leave in 15 minutes, instead of the JR Express, which I had to wait another
    hour for. Sure it took awhile to get to where I needed to go, but I got to
    see the busy Tokyo expressways during rush hour.

  • syke54 4 years ago

    damn! that was the most PROPER video i’ve seen, lol! Your new channel is
    too sick! 5mins vids are perfect because it doesn’t get boring; straight to
    the point. Its good to cuz it gives you more opportunity to make more
    videos OFTEN with 5 min vids