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Japan Travel Guide Series! Short random Tokyo Clips Here!! チャンネル登録と友達紹介も忘れないでね! 新しい動画をアップしたらすぐみれるようになるから。 Oth…



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  • yoshikatsu okuno 5 years ago

    A life like dream. I envy you!

  • tasuke nihon 5 years ago

    テンポ良く、飽きさせない編集、日本のとある地方を紹介する動画で、 私が見てきた限り最高な印象を受けました。 行ってみたいと思わせる動画です。

  • RasDil 5 years ago

    Awesome! Very original and interesting 🙂 I also liked that you didn’t put
    any background music…this way the viewers get both the visual and the
    auditory sensation of being there in person 🙂 (now the only thing we’re
    missing is some sci-fi stuff so we can smell, and feel the temperature and
    wind. Maybe u found some cool device in Tokyo that can do that? 😛 ) But
    seriously, this is by far some of the best travel videos I’ve seen…i
    suggest you to put your video up on Google Earth 🙂

  • rchalmers3 5 years ago

    Well done! You brought Niijima to us westerners as a westerner is apt to
    do. I remember a local dish that is distinct to the islands: Kusaya. If you
    ever want to expand your experience of the islands, try a small Kusaya fish
    entree. You won’t forget it……. ever!!! Rick

  • hamu324 5 years ago

    何気ないとこが つぼにはまりました。 日本人より;)

  • EmirioDesu 5 years ago

    @klacker47 Its not expensive for foreigners but if you live and work there,
    thats a different thing. The only real thing thats expensive is the flight
    there (and if you get a hotel)

  • hongfog 5 years ago

    民宿のお風呂の湯を取り替えない場面など、視点が面白い! 日本人でも外国に行ったら、絶対そのバスには入らないと思う。

  • NattyGcomedy 5 years ago

    great vid.really helpful to people who want to go there:)

  • Takayuki Fujiwara 5 years ago


  • Masha Sterligoff 5 years ago

    if i ever take bath there i pity those unlucky who gonna use my water
    afterwords, there’s no way I gonna miss my bath masturbation, it’s a rite:)

  • EVOnSG 5 years ago

    i dont know how it is for japans kakigori but slush ice comes from
    italy.its called “granita” a tipically dish in sicilly.if i remember well
    its known since the middle age like the normal ice cream.first flavour were
    lime and you can buy it in many different flavours. i love it.
    you can add some vodka to that and you have a simple, but very nice
    tasting, cold cocktail :D. but dont drink to much of them on the beach….

  • froot6g 5 years ago

    外人が見た直の意見が聞けてよかった。 トイレや風呂は日本人でも同じように思うよ でも大きな風呂はかけ流し、循環なので同じお湯ではないよ

  • thespian44 5 years ago

    what camcorder are you using. I love your videos!! I so want to go to

  • crystalsoul 5 years ago

    at 11:08 you are so freaking drunk lmao

  • Sid Miguil 5 years ago

    This is the kind of holiday you should’ve done with your buddies man, not
    some chick.

  • KOSIHIKARI1124 5 years ago


  • froot6g 5 years ago

    There is the part which resembled Nii-jima Island is a Hawaii or New
    Zealand southern country to a snowy district 日本は北から南まで色んなリゾートを味わえます。

  • Fredo5227 5 years ago

    Guy has an awesome life.

  • mametaro282000 5 years ago


  • morixtuko 5 years ago


  • Sid Miguil 5 years ago

    Lmfao of course i’m fucking jealous, who wouldn’t be?

  • JUKIO01 5 years ago

    man, havent been to japan in 14 years, want to go back. been the airport
    though couple of times

  • mamedenti 5 years ago


  • lovekakakura 5 years ago


  • Mreleezy 5 years ago