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  • EmmanuelUSA50 5 years ago

    Japan is the best place to live!

  • Yesenia Rosales 5 years ago

    Thank You very informative. I plan to visit Japan’s beautiful culture. Last
    thing I want to do is accidentally offend them

  • Cherry Hartz 5 years ago

    How come you cant say ” hope to see you again”?

  • 0214kanako 5 years ago

    1:33 知らなかった(汗)

  • BlackStarrSoul 5 years ago

    0:55 It’s not a joke. Do go right ahead. It’s not considered rude in Japan.
    : )

  • tobyboy1 5 years ago

    Another “Do,” is DO bring cash/travelers’ checks. As modern as Japan is,
    cash is still king. Most places only take cash. Credit cards are accepted
    at most hotels, some shops/eateries around major tourist areas and dept
    stores. Out-of-country ATM cards won’t work local ATMs unless your bank is
    a branch of the Japanese bank, or if the bank does business worldwide,
    e.g., Citiibank. Japan’s post offices’ ATMs will take your ATM but only
    allow 10,000yen/day.

  • jazznik2 5 years ago

    Been to Japan twice and enjoyed it very much both times. I was a little
    worried about not knowing the customs but I didnt find this to be a
    problem. I found the Japanese to be generally friendly to tourists. Several
    times, people went out of their way to help w things like directions. You
    can get cash at many ATMs if you’re on a network like Cirrus, etc. Very few
    people speak much English, but at the ‘tourist’ places like hotels, they
    speak enough to communicate. I highly recommend going.

  • hamish lewis 5 years ago

    do any of these things and u may be hanged in puplic