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India Travel Guide

India, subcontinent of diversity and contrasts, has attracted and fascinated travellers from time immemorial. Often, India didn’t let them leave. India’s uns…



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  • omisites 4 years ago

    India is everybody’s real country.

  • Max power 4 years ago

    India is beautiful can foreigner live there without immigration problems?

  • Yashpal Sehgal 4 years ago

    Video touches upon all aspects of life in India. Good compilation.

  • Land of gays.

  • 4 years ago

    This is a fantastic travel guide for India. 

  • Do not travel there. Its full of rapists.

  • Arnold Strong 4 years ago

    Did you know the problem with India no matter where you go North India and
    South India is that there is no law, rules, policies to control the the
    people like in Australia, United States of America, England something like
    a street fight is reported to the Police and the case is taken to court
    whoever started the fight will serve longer sentences even if they were
    bullying their victims like gangs on streets, at home, outside, college,
    work, public places even in business etc. is criminal.

    Even for the government of India is not in control of the countries people.
    This is what the world view of India being third world for one the
    surrounding the other attitude, disrespect and fights anywhere making them
    look third world to the developed world.

    Only that there is laws for Woman, children only to protect them but
    everything else like harassment, physical abuse, threats, stalking,
    bashing, degrading and discrimination is an everyday thing in India.

    India will never be a safe country for no body no matter what province it
    be in North or South India even in rural towns and street corners to parks
    even cities unless there are laws for everybody the only way to do that is
    by having western laws controlling the people of India.

    Everyone is equal not like in western countries woman and children have
    more rights and power than men in society and court but be equal. Anyone
    doing wrong must be punished, given a warning, arrested, sentence to prison
    to serve their time if they refuse to cooperate no matter who they are man,
    woman, child etc. no one is different.

    Even for the beggars regardless of age especially the Africans pretending
    to beg for money or food but robbing, stealing, killing people for their
    belongings and possessions like jewellery, furniture, entertainment system,
    computers, phones, clothing, cars etc. even other communities including
    Indians doing the same. So beware to all foreigners and westerners. India
    maybe beautiful but the people are dangerous robbing money or smart to
    grabbing life.

  • TheVideomantra 4 years ago

    Good film but this film only looks at three states, and there’s not mention
    of south, the east, the west or the himalayas.

  • Jie Song 4 years ago

    Amazing country

  • kumarsa108 4 years ago

    80% of Indian dont live in the countryside. It is still a majority, but not
    that high.

  • jishnu arya 4 years ago

  • Anh Khong 4 years ago

    Red tape and corruption might kill India. Look at the macnificent palace
    and streets and houses around, it’s chaos and destroy partly beauty of the
    palace and feeling of peacefulness

  • Bambam Katran 4 years ago

    I wanted to travel to India for 5 days I wanted to see taj mahal and other
    historic places can anyone tell me where will I go and can I reach this
    places? I will be traveling by my self…

  • naeem abdulwali 4 years ago

    Traveling there in two weeks, first time and really excited!!!

  • terrybuchanan1 4 years ago

    awesome work! thanks so much for sharing. i really admire how even you were
    able to keep the lighting from scene to scene despite the extreme
    differences in levels of light – especially in high-contrast scenes. did
    you use only natural/available lighting, so did you also use reflectors,

  • CDaeda 4 years ago India has a unique culture. Traveling to India would be a great
    experience. My concern traveling to India or China is air quality issues.
    Someone with asthma for example how would they deal with poor air quality?

  • vaibhav371 4 years ago

    Take a flight to NEw Delhi.then get a Taxi to Agra. Delhi-Agra is
    201Kms..move towards “FatehPur Sikri”, then to Bharatpur Wild life
    Sanctuary then move towards Rajasthan..its all in one go if u r traveling
    for such a short time..welcome to India.

  • awadh kishore 4 years ago

    Planet India Travels is leading tour operator in India.You can see
    subcontinent of diversity and contrasts, has attracted and fascinated
    travellers from time immemorial. Often, India didn’t let them leave.
    India’s unsettled past, its diverse culture, art and architecture make up a
    great mosaic that bewitches the visitors. Places to visit India – Taj
    Mahal, Goa , Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi , leh ladakh in india.

  • India Travel 4 years ago

    thanks for sharing

  • ThousandairesClub 4 years ago

    howd it go?? 🙂

  • Nicholas Ugnivenko 4 years ago

    not much time to see all the places but Taj mahal not far from New Delhi

  • Momó Díaz 4 years ago

    Visit “Indiscreet! Discover India”. Other form to know India.

  • hotelsinphiladelphia 4 years ago

    India is just beautiful.

  • travelsmartindia 4 years ago

    hi, you should visit India, there are awesome places to visit.

  • RVI A4+ 4 years ago

    how do you know I not paid taxes, stupid kind of Kumarsa108,…fuck your
    ass by bambooo ha ha ha ha