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Mumbaikers love street food. See what all the fuss is about.



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  • Amristar 5 years ago

    Those cooks don’t wear gloves.

  • Bala Bala 5 years ago

    manusanaada neee???

  • xEnOn6xOxO 5 years ago

    Hah, now that I’ve moved to London I actually miss this unhealthy shet.
    I sure am eating healthy over here, but the authentic taste of Indian food
    is long gone. Greatly awaiting holidays for a trip to Mumbai.

  • Mariel Neal 5 years ago

    My mouth is watering.

  • emadeusree 5 years ago

    hows the health issues on the street vendors?

  • Blair Campbell 5 years ago

    Here puri puri puri, oh wait that’s me calling my cat lol

  • Ajnabee A 5 years ago

    I really don’t know how many time I have seen this video. I Keep coming

  • bs thorve 5 years ago

    aamchi mumbai……..

  • robto 5 years ago

    I meant “kind” not “king”. My apologies.

  • robto 5 years ago

    You guys never get sick by eating that kind of street food? I really want
    to try it, but I’m scared of getting some king of food poisoning. I hear
    that Westerners are more prone to get sick by it.

  • Daniel Guevin 5 years ago

    Street Recipes@dannyboys get creative!

  • Pingali Sivasehubabu 5 years ago


  • Daws KevChim 5 years ago

    Love you videos keep them coming!!

  • craig aroni 5 years ago

    I had many of tasty dishes in the street while in India. Fantastic country!

  • Eric Stewart 5 years ago

    I’m glad that intellectuals like you are around to label people. We would
    truly be lost without you.

  • armpitfuzz 5 years ago

    I’m not afraid…. I have no bowel !

  • turnstoGOLD 5 years ago

    He was just shoving his face

  • Kasper 5 years ago

    My god, How much do you eat a day?

  • kitchenfromhell 5 years ago

    There are so many diifferent and tasty foods without nuts :D, but peanut
    allergy is very rare in India.

  • MissTaken000 5 years ago

    Seriously nice vid buddy! This will be really helpful to all foreigners!

  • zafer sharief 5 years ago

    He sounds like a gay.

  • mudassir ali 5 years ago

    This guy can sure eat a lot…

  • morin lian 5 years ago

    oh god you eat all the food? lol

  • Dharma Defender 5 years ago

    yes Rajasathan also a great place..Sorry i forgot to mention…I was there
    10years ago it was awesome!!!May be now its more devloped iam sure..Caze
    that time also it was well developed and very clean city…City and places
    i mentioned you are good to viist..They are neat and clean hygiene etc..:)
    Except mumbai is polluted tho.In Mumbai you may see all infrastructural.
    But there is pollution like newyork and london..also its crowded.

  • KHAN1561 5 years ago

    please check the kitchen/preparation place before eating any food
    (restaurant or street )