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Burma/Myanmar is a slice of old Asia. The people wear traditional costume. Life is centred around the pagoda. It has just opened up to the tourist swarms. Lo…
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  • 5 years ago

    Credit to peterlowrey (

  • inuyakino 5 years ago

    u can drop by November and December for the coolest season and pay a visit
    to a mountain :D. Sounds too common? wait till u get there 😀

  • 315prox2 5 years ago


  • peter klumpf 5 years ago

    very nice myanmar tell me more about myanmar please

  • Kaze Solo 5 years ago

    Tourisme egale destruction culturel!! allez vous amuse ailleur! la
    thailande est un grand park d’attraction! Cultural tourism equal
    destruction! aillor will amuse you! thailand is a great amusement park!

  • Peter Lowrey 5 years ago


  • Debbie Pomerantz 5 years ago

    Stunning and exotic, love to travel back in time, planning a trip mid oct-
    mid nov. How long did you travel in Myanmar? And any recommendations on how
    we should travel to this part of the world, should we use a company or
    travel on our own? Love to finalize it at secret beach. 😉 beautiful!

  • aretar lwot 5 years ago

    More look likes Chaung Thar – Shwe Hin Tha Resort. Very nice trips you
    have. thanks..

  • Mata bulan 5 years ago

  • hteinkmin 5 years ago

    secret beach?? Is that Ngapali? hahaha.. seems like you dont want to share
    that Secret beach with other tourist… I myself as a Burmese, but have
    never been to that secret beach :p

  • nangamyatmon 5 years ago

    going to bagan is like taking a time-machine back….amazing video.

  • Peter Lowrey 5 years ago

    We were there for 3 weeks. Go on your own and stay in budget hotels. You
    meet the real travellers there. The beach is Chaung Thar and the backpacker
    resort is Shwe Hin Tha Resort. Skip Inle Lake. Too touristy.

  • The Top Music Channel 5 years ago

    This place look like so hot.

  • saw kyi phuu 5 years ago
  • weerapant musigasarn 5 years ago