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Take a tour of Huanglong Scenic Area in Sichuan, China – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. The Huanglong (hoo-ang-lon…



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  • Snowy Durban 5 years ago

    FYI, Australia is NOT in the middle of the south Pacific. :-)

  • elbow321 5 years ago

    It isn’t sacred and it didn’t “fall from the sky” as the ignorant Abo’s
    would like to think.
    It’s sedimentary sandstone that was created on earth — not a meteorite
    which are always igneous. If a meteorite that size came in it would make a
    crater the size of Australia. There’s no soft landing with them.
    Pretty and good for climbing — but the hype is just superstitious bs.

  • Doreet Duke 5 years ago

    Love everything Australian! Seems like NATURE is so much sharper and more
    intense there.

  • Van Woodson 5 years ago

    Too gay.

  • Angela Xiang 5 years ago

    Yay! 😀 I’m from there!!!

  • WebportalCMS 5 years ago


  • ajonath1 5 years ago

    Is there a way to visit Ayer’s rock in silence? Any commentary during the
    visit…especially such as in this YouTube…blocks the full experience. 

  • used2haveanikon1 5 years ago

    I visited Chengdu in the Sichuan Province about 5 years ago to help with
    rebuilding after the devastating earthquakes nearby. I did not get to visit
    this beautiful area, but maybe one day… 

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • Aaron Martin 5 years ago

    cool video.

  • geobeats 5 years ago

    YouTubers: Have you visited Sichuan? Share your experience with us in

  • Dennis Scott 5 years ago

    So nice !

  • Tammy McLeod 5 years ago
  • Mil Yadee 5 years ago
  • michael figaro 5 years ago